Summer Guide to 2021 Hawaii Travel During COVID

Revised November 2021 Guide to Hawaii Travel During COVID

Tips, essential Rules, latest changes. Save Time and avoid Worry. What to know before traveling to Hawaii.

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595 thoughts on “Revised November 2021 Guide to Hawaii Travel During COVID”

  1. Hi,
    I are traveling from San Diego to Maui in mid January. I am vaccinated and boostered.

    As of now, is that sufficient or do I have to test a Covid test.

    Thank you for your time!!

  2. You stated that tests for Covid for travel to Hawaii range from free to 250.00, do you have a list of free or low cost tests? We are travelling from California to Maui and although my husband and I are vaccinated our daughter’s husband refuses to get or allow our daughter to get vaccinated.

    1. LORRAINE L… We used Walgreens and test cost $200. It is impossible as it appears to vary from state to state, city to city. For instance, using Vault Health costs (I don’t know what) but in New Mexico, the state subsidizes it and Vault is free. You just have to check locally.

    2. wow so the husband dictates whether his wife gets the vaccine or not? Sound like you have bigger problems than just getting tested. Hope he allows her to get it soon

  3. Aloha again
    I think I’ve got the rules for getting to Hawai’i from Ireland & U.K (Covid test 1 day prior to departure). Overnighting in LAX – Covid Test to be booked for departure to Kaua’i next day. So far, so good.
    Rules have just changed for return trip to London. Have to get a NAAT Test 2 days before return. (AAAgh!!!) So, can you help me. I will be staying on Oah’u for the conclusion of my vacation, so may I ask where I can get a test for travel?

    1. Hi Michael.

      If you do a search for Honolulu Covid testing, and then use the maps tap, you’ll get quite a long list, starting with the ubiquitous pharmacies. In the past when there was testing for interisland travel, another place that was mentioned favorably in comments was Hope that helps.


  4. I just received this notice from my timeshare
    All travelers to Hawaii must provide proof of negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure, HOWEVER, effective July 8, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers will not be required to take the pre-travel Covid test. Be sure to upload your test results or your vaccination card (whichever applies) into your Safe Travels account (required).
    I am vaccinated so I just need to download this into safe travels and I do not need to test?

    1. DEbI B… this is so old news. Your opening sentence caused panic for us until we read your whole post! Please be more considerate on what you post! Getting tested within 72 hours of travel is a logistical no formate for that we’ve been grateful to see pass. Your post caused panic!

  5. This has been helpful information
    My spouse and I are both in middle seventies. This technology is stressing me
    We are hoping to make it to granddaughter’s college graduation in December


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