Latest Honolulu Fad: $6 Steak


$6 steak street vendors are taking Oahu by storm.  They’re located in many neighborhoods, sometimes in tents while others are in trailers or buildings.  Frequently crowded, you’ll even find police officers eating at them which is usually a good sign.

Trend may have started with Blazin Steaks owned by Richard Craft, Jr.

I first remember seeing his cart parked outside the Ward Center 99 cent store several years ago, but never really gave it much thought.

His chain has amassed 17 locations in two years, with plans for 6 more soon.  Craft’s goal is to have 60 locations within two years in Hawaii and on the mainland.  He already has two locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

$6 Steak Vendors have been able to take advantage of two aspects of the downturn in our economy.

  • The cost is appealing compared to McDonald’s or Subway.
  • Owners have been able to negotiate very favorable leases in malls and other locations where the space would otherwise have been siting empty.

How good is a $6 steak dinner?

People who’ve tried Blazin Steaks and their competitors tell me that the quality and experience vary greatly by locations.  The one at Times supermarket on Beretanea gets mostly great reviews.  The Blazin Steaks on King Street has also received positive comments.

Others tell me that the quality of these joints is just okay or worse.  Someone else I spoke with questioned the ability to have proper sanitation in some of the lesser tent setups.

The Beat of Hawaii guys won’t be eating at $6 steaks.  We’re both vegetarian.  If you give this a try, please let us know your thoughts.

Photo Credit:  We found this $6 Steak vendor near Waimanalo Beach.

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  1. Tom (5 years ago)

    Well I couldn’t resist. I had dinner tonight at the Blazin Steaks at the Kings Shops at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. I had the steak and shrimp for $8. It was 5 rather large shrimp and steak cut up fajita style. Also included was two scoops of rice and tossed salad. I thought it was good–especially considering what $8 buys at a Hawaiian resort area. The steak was moist and not tough. The grilled shrimp were excellent. I found it a bit different to have had the steak cut up already. Do they buy it like that?

    I would go there again for a very casual dining experience.

    It is located at the former Big Island Steak House. Don’t go there expecting ambiance. However, the server that I had was very friendly and efficient. The is limited seating outside. The inside is a bit warm as they don’t have the A/C on. It’s like a food court dining experience with better food than once would find at the food court across the street at the Queen’s Marketplace.

    Don’t go expecting a Roy’s or Merriman’s Marketplace type of culinary experience!!!!

  2. Tom (5 years ago)

    I was quite surprised to see a location of Blazin Steaks at the Kings Shops at Waikaloa on the Big Island. Seems like an upscale location for a $6 steak….