When 7-Eleven Hawaii Went Rogue, It Totally Underestimated Demand

When 7-Eleven Hawaii decided to try a new direction in partnership with a brand’s new innovative product, they didn’t realize just how popular it would be. We were caught off-guard too, frankly. “Where’s the beef?” took on a new meaning.

The video below gives you the idea behind the product, although it isn’t the exact way that 7-11 does it.

The Hawaii stores decided to go vegan by partnering with a new plant-based meat product from OmniFoods. Together they launched a brand new and apparently uber-popular meatless version of their Japanese “katsu musubi” that we are no longer able to find. But there’s good news ahead.

The new fake-spam musubi uses OMNI Luncheon, a plant-based, high-fiber, and high-protein pork alternative made from tofu (soy), seitan (wheat protein), and beets. The pork alternative is prepared katsu-style and then placed on a bed of rice before being wrapped in nori.

Our local 7-Eleven manager, Bill, in Lawai, said he’s out of stock for at least the next two weeks while they receive the next shipment from Omnifoods. They vastly underestimated what the demand would be.

Katsu musubi is a popular Japanese dish that is a hybrid of katsu (breaded, fried meat, seafood, or in this case, vegan) and musubi (rice balls encased in seaweed). Musubi is an over-the-top popular Hawaii snack for breakfast, lunch, or anytime, with unique and delicious flavor fusion and texture.

Katsu musubi is as popular in Japan as in Hawaii and is found at convenience stores, katsu restaurants, and bento shops.

You’ll find the new vegan katsu musubi all of the 66 7-Eleven stores on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui and Oahu.We are thrilled to partner with OmniFoods to offer our customers a new, plant-based option that is not only delicious but also healthier for them and the planet. The plant-based Katsu Musubi is a great addition to our menu and reflects our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality products to our customers.
Debbie Lee Soon, 7-Eleven Hawaii

The vegan OMNI Luncheon product came to Hawaii after being introduced in Asia a number of years ago. It has been hugely popular there, as well as now in Hawaii. It was first introduced in the US in 2021 via Whole Foods and Sprouts grocery stores.

OmniFoods CEO, David Yeung, said, “We are excited to partner with 7-Eleven Hawaii to bring our OMNI plant-based Katsu Musubi to customers across Hawaii. Our mission is to provide delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives to the public, and we believe that this partnership with 7-Eleven Hawaii is a great step towards achieving our mission.”

Are you ready to try the new plant-based Musubi version?

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11 thoughts on “When 7-Eleven Hawaii Went Rogue, It Totally Underestimated Demand”

    1. Hi Mignon.

      Thanks so much! We’ll write an article about what we did shortly. It was a solid year’s worth of work.


  1. No, because it’s the animal fat that makes Spam so tasty. OmniPork Luncheon Meat has “Natural Flavour” listed as an ingredient. Natural flavor from pork? If so, how can this product still be “vegan” if it is flavored with natural pork?

        1. Hi Judy.

          Let’s see what we can find out since at the moment we can’t get our hands on one. Have a good 4th!


    1. Hi Lani.

      Thanks. Let us know if you get yours before we get ours. Seems like it will take a while to stock adequately for the demand.


  2. I am thrilled that 7-Eleven Hawaii will be carrying the vegan katsu musubi! I enjoy other vegan imitation meats and can’t wait to try this product. Not only does eating plant-based improve human health, have less negative impact on the planet than animal-protein diets do, but it also helps prevent the suffering that millions of animals who are raised for food experience. Mahalo 7-Eleven and Omnifoods!

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