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Hawaii Foods: Locavores Rank 5th Nationwide

Hawaii is moving to the top of the list in its commitment to raising and eating locally grown food. Based on 2010/2011 government data, a new study by  The Strolling of the Heifers  has ranked locally sourced food per capita by measuring farmers markets and community supported agriculture. Hawaii now ranks fifth nationally.

Here are some examples of Hawaii locally sourced food to enjoy on your Hawaii vacation. Please include your suggestions in the comments below.

Locavores: those interested in eating locally produced food. 

Coffee and tea

Our picks: When on Big Island our Hawaii coffee picks are the many small hand-picked farms on the Kona side. As far as commercial goes, we’ve been impressed with Coffees of Hawaii on Molokai and their dark roast Muleskinner. Albert, Maria and crew do a great job on maintaining this beautiful plantation.

Hawaii tea grown on the Big Island and elsewhere will soon become well known too. The Big Island tea company has just sold its entire first batch to Harrods of London for $4,800 per pound.

You won’t be able to buy the tea anywhere in Hawaii or on the mainland. Big Island Tea signed an exclusive deal with Harrods.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, fungi and honey

Our picks: Farmers markets on all islands including Hilo, Hanalei, KCC on Oahu, and others. Also Big Island Hamakua mushrooms found at Hawaii Costco stores and elsewhere.


Our Hawaii cheese picks: Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy and Kauai’s Kunana Goat Dairy. I’m about to bite into this aged gourmet goat cheese in cheese wax.

Seafood: caught and farmed, fresh, smoked and dried

Our Hawaii seafood picks: Farmers markets, bought fresh off the back of a  truck; in grocery and specialty stores state-wide.

Beef, pork, poultry and gastropods (snails)

Note: If your Hawaii travel plans coincide, check out the second annual Hawaii Food and Wine festival. It takes place in Honolulu September 6 – 9, 2012

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  1. While I was there with you two, I discovered ‘Hawaiian Breakfast Tea’ packaged by ‘Hawaiian Tea Company’ on Maui. (hawaiianteacompany.com). I just love this tea which I found at Big Save in EleEle. Ordered some more on line just to have it on hand. YUM!

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