coffees of hawaii on molokai

Coffees of Hawaii on Molokai

Coffee is serious business to us. We’re home roasters with access to hundreds of wild coffee trees, and enjoy visiting plantations while island hopping. Recently, the manager of Molokai’s Coffees of Hawaii, Maria Holmes, invited us for a tour and coffee tasting. How could we refuse?

Before we go any further let me just say that their Muleskinner brand was excellent. During taste testing we scored it highest overall. I love a strong coffee without the taste of rancid oils. Muleskinner scored well in freshness and buzz factor. It’s a great and distinguished morning cup, and features a medium-body, with complex clear flavors and aromas.

We visited the plantation several times during our stay on Molokai. There’s a small cafe and I recommend you try a Mocha Mama (photo below) after hiking Kalaupapa.  They are en route. On weekends the plantation hosts a jazz night with food. During the week there are Morning Espresso Tours and a Mule Drawn Wagon Tour (call for times and availability).

Maria was kind enough to give us a personal tour of their 500 acre plantation. Spending time with Maria we could sense her dedication to the land and to ensuring only the best coffee is produced. I was impressed that they use many environmentally friendly practices like composting, water recycling, and complete sun drying.

Facebook aficionados can join the Coffees of Hawaii fan page to stay on top of deals and what’s happening at the plantation. I noticed they currently have a 10 percent discount for on-line orders and free Fed-Ex shipping with a purchase of $100 or more.

I also suggest visiting the Coffees of Hawaii website which offers many features including videos and even Hawaii proverbs. Better yet, plan a trip to Molokai on your next Hawaii vacation and visit the plantation in person.


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  1. Hi, guys. John V from San Diego again. Had to comment on your latest entry. On the same trip that Michael and I did the Kalaupapa hike, we stopped at Coffees of Hawaii – our first-ever visit to a coffee plantation. In fact, somewhere in this house is a well-worn Muleskinner Coffee logo T!! Sure wish I could afford regular shipments, but at more than $60 for 2 lbs, shipped, I’ll have to stick with Peet’s. 🙁

    Thanks for all you do!

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