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Hawaii Deals On Fine Tropical Produce And Flowers

Hawaii deals come in all forms. Throughout the islands you’ll find self-serve roadside farm stands and above is an example of one. Many are tucked away on back roads and most offer great value. Locals build these stands at the edge of their property to sell whatever they grow that’s in season. Most are run on the honor system. Just take what you want and leave the money in the box.

Those of us who live here have our favorite stands that we often visit. We decided to share with you one of our favorite stands for bananas and more which is on Kauai. The price for fruit and flowers simply can’t be beat.

This stand pictured above is part of Lawai Valley Nursery. Originally owned by our friend Dick Coffman who passed earlier this year, it is now operated by his family. You’ll not only find the best bananas but also local mushrooms, flowers, and other seasonal produce. It’s a scenic drive and a little out of the way, but you’ll feel like a local when you visit.

If you have a favorite roadside stand in Hawaii, please be sure to add yours in the comment section.

Directions from Lihue – Head towards the Westside. A mile from Kalaheo there is a traffic light. Turn right (Mauka) and go almost to the end of Kua Road. Drive past the Lawai Valley Nursery sign and turn left into the first driveway. Walk up to the garage and you’re at the produce stand.


5 thoughts on “Hawaii Deals On Fine Tropical Produce And Flowers”

  1. Yes, Jeff, you’ve got the right road. It is bad. Sorry about your tire. Did you like the fruit stand ? His signs crack me up..I guess the kids steal his fruit. I always leave a little extra to make up for my past crimes as a youth !

  2. My favorite local fruit stand is up country outside of Nawiliwili Harbor. Take the beautiful, slow winding road (I forget the name) and you will come upon this little stand that has amazing, inexpensive and ripe fruit. Avocados, oranges, grapefruit, bananas and papayas. I was lucky enough to get to meet the sweet old farmer. He came riding up on his golf cart with his trusty garden dog riding shotgun. We had a nice long talk about life and fruit. Seek his stand out and maybe you’ll get lucky and find him stocking his shelf ! Marsha

    1. Hi Marsha,

      If its the stand I’m thinking of, I wrecked a tire there once. The pavement was really damaged and the tire fell in and then popped. That is the road that connects to Puhi via Menehune fish pond, right?

      Aloha, Jeff

  3. Hi Pua,

    Yes, Hilo farmers market on Wednesday and Saturday is great (we’ve written about it before). But the prices don’t generally compare with farm stands in my experience.

    Aloha, Jeff

  4. We are so blessed with an abundance of tropical flowers in Hawaii. Best part they don’t only look beautiful, they also keep in a vase or as a flower arrangement very long. My personal favorites are the orchids.

    When on the Big Island, visitors may find the best price for fresh orchids or other Hawaiian flower arrangements at the many stands of Hilo Farmers’ Market. A few stands are always open. Wed + Sat are the big days!

    Aloha Pua
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