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Farmers Market Hawaii: Hanalei Kauai

If you find yourself on the North Shore of Kauai on a Saturday morning, the farmers market Hawaii at Hanalei is a great stop for eat it now or eat it later fare and more. It’s a fascinating “people study” type of Hawaii activity for both locals and visitors.

At 10 o’clock, there was still a lot of variety to be found at the 40+ purveyors of local and mostly organic produce, flowers, baked goods, ready to eat snacks, handmade crafts, hand painted t-shirts and more. You can even attend the concurrent North Shore psychic fare while you’re there.

The pace this morning was quite brisk but still Hanalei casual and fun. Today’s market obviously had pineapples in abundance. Mangoes are still in extremely short supply and the few I saw were in the $7 range. Other popular items included chocolate covered frozen bananas, coconuts, and papayas.

This market is not part of Kauai’s county-sponsored Sunshine Markets, so don’t look there to find information. The website for the Hanalei market doesn’t seem to be working at this point, so let’s just keep it between us.

You’ll find the market replete with abundant parking at the soccer field just beyond Hanalei town. It’s every Saturday from 9:30 to noon. If you’ve gone to Kauai’s farmers markets, which is your favorite?

Hanalei Farmers Market Hanalei Farmers Market

Hanalei Farmers Market Hanalei Farmers Market

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  1. This sounds like a great market. There is a similar one over on Maui in Kahului every Saturday morning. I think it is wonderful that the locals have a place to sell their wares.

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