Things to Do in Maui | Friday Night Markets

When you find yourself looking for things to do in Maui, here’s a tip for a free Friday night that’s sure to please. When we visited the Kihei market a few weeks ago we were very pleasantly surprised. Here’s a visual treat of what you’ll have in store.

Entertainment Main stage entertainment features a variety of artists and Hawaiian music.

Things to do in Maui | Friday Night Markets

Diversity of vendors Some shops are in back of trucks and others have covered tables. We found some locally designed and hand painted Maui t-shirts that were a big hit from Paradise Now Hawaii. Unique too.

Things to do in Maui | Friday Night Markets

Friday Night Markets on Maui 4

Friday Night Markets on Maui 2

Great mix of locals and visitors. These Maui markets are popular so get there early and arrive hungry.

Friday Night Markets on Maui 5

Here’s where to find the markets:

  • 1st Friday: Wailuku. 6pm – 9pm. Market Street.
  • 2nd Friday: Lahaina. 5pm – 830pm. Front Street.
  • 3rd Friday: Makawao 530pm – 830pm. Baldwin Avenue.
  • 4th Friday: Kihei. 6pm – 9pm. Azeka Shopping Center.
  • 5th Friday: Lanai. 530pm – 830pm. Dole Park, Lanai City.

Check the market website for monthly updates and changes:

Side note: We say things to do ON Maui. But when visitors search, they search for IN Maui. Go figure. 

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  1. To Laura: Sounds like you need to get away and relax. The people at Beat of Hawaii are so very accommodating and pretty much answer all our question. They are very patient, and don’t make fun of the many redundant and sometimes dumb questions we all ask. They are very patient with us. 😊 Those of us that follow BOH are looking for answers, not perfect terminology or grammar.
    Take it easy Laura, slow down and smell the 🌺 flowers. Life is serious enough without getting so upset about silly things.
    Take a trip to Hawaii, and look at all the beautiful scenery God has given us.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take a breath and enjoy friends, family and your surroundings.


    1. Hi TJ.

      Thanks very much!! In this case, things to do in Maui is searched nearly 20,000 times monthly whereas things to do on Maui is searched less than 10% of that.


  2. heading back to Maui and will be their May 21-28 any type of music festivals or markets going on that you could share some info on.


  3. Aloha — PLEASE — It is always irritating to read your comments about being here on Maui. When you are in a town – such as Kahului – you are IN Kahului – or IN Hana – or IN Lahaina. You are ALWAYS – ON Maui – not IN Maui. Example: When I am ON Maui I always stay IN Kihei. This really isn’t too hard. Mahalo/Maluhia

    1. Hi Laura,

      Lighten up. First, visitors don’t always know our terminology. We at Beat of Hawaii used “in Maui” as you can read from the last sentence of the post, specifically because that is what people search for.


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