Honolulu Farmers Market

Honolulu Farmers Market at Kapiolani College

When staying in Waikiki there’s a Saturday morning event not to be missed on the slopes of Diamond Head at Kapiolani Community College (KCC). This best in class Honolulu farmers market attracts upwards of 10,000 foodies from across Oahu.

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To get there. From Waikiki, you’ll head towards the zoo and turn left up Montserrat Avenue. As Diamond Head draws closer start to envision the best of local Hawaii foods – both prepared and raw, plus great local talk and overall the best products of the islands.

Did you know. KCC Saturday Honolulu Farmers Market is the first in Hawaii to require that all food and products be locally grown and made. This means you’ll meet and talk with the people directly responsible for the food you’re buying.

Getting started. There’s a weekly tip sheet found at the market entrance. It lists vendors, entertainers and specials for that day. After that, consider a cup of Hawaiian grown coffee to drink and a fresh baked breakfast treat to energize your walk through the large venue.

Expect to find 70 or more vendors. There are so many options. A bountiful harvest array of seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers make up half of what’s on offer. The rest includes fish (both raw, smoked and cooked), beef, baked goods, hand made pastas, tropical jams, honey, a plethora of unique snacks and more.

Beat of Hawaii Tips:

1. Arrive early. Parking is an issue, crowds get thick a little later, and product can start disappearing.

2. Take two spins around the market after picking up the weekly tip sheet – first to scope out the choices, then a second round for purchases.

3. Be hungry. This is a great place to eat Saturday breakfast too.

4. Get a jump on popular items. The ever popular barbecued abalone fresh from the shell goes quickly.

5. Some of our favorites include Nalo Farms’ assorted greens and micro-greens, locally made Ono Pops (fresh fruit popsicle), barbecued corn on the cob and fresh locally baked breads.

6. Flower vendors offer great deals on cut flowers and plants to enjoy during your vacation. Often starting at $3 for flowers and $4 for orchid plants.

7. Bring a shopping back for your purchases.

For more ideas, see our tips for a day at Kaimuki which is located near the market or plan a hike at Diamond Head.

4 thoughts on “Honolulu Farmers Market at Kapiolani College”

  1. Not sure how long ago it was that you were at this market before this article was written. Good local reasonably priced flower vendors NO MORE. Two weeks ago one vendor flowers $6.+ and orchids which you use to be able to get for $4-$10 are now $12.00-$20+
    Most of local farmers have gone over to Ward.
    80% of KCC “Farmers Market” (if you want to call it that) is made up of pre-made food that is focused at the Japanese tourists who are laying/sitting EVERYWHERE stuffing their faces and leaving the garbage behind. As a Kahala resident I was so sad to see this market change into a tourist trap. Gone are the days I enjoyed shopping Local at KCC getting my food and flowers for the week. Now it’s just an experience of Waikiki tourist overflow and no locals to be seen… and nothing to buy unless you want to eat lunch/dinner food at 7am. Want a true Hawaii FARMERS Market, SKIP this one.

    1. Hi Aloha Man.

      We were just at the Saturday’s farmers market recently and have been there many times.


  2. I am planning a trip to Oahu in March or 2017. I was wondering if the KCC open market would still be going during that time.

    Warm regards!

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