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Summer/Fall Hawaii Travel Deals Include LAX Price Drop! $179+

Hawaii travel deals updated with lower prices from Los Angeles and other routes. Summer and fall Hawaii travel deals with fares from $179 each way including all taxes and fees. 17 fares are marked as ♥ Beat of Hawaii Deals Picks which means they are at or near the lowest price possible. See old and new prices below then start planning your Hawaii vacation.

Travel and purchase dates: Purchase immediately for best availability as sale prices could end at any time. Fares are valid for travel from the mainland or Hawaii largely between August 8 and mid-November.

Airlines, Fares and Availability: These offers are on various airlines per links below, are the lowest fares each way in these markets and are not available all dates/flights. Use the airlines’ monthly fare calendars to view prices and availability by month.

Notes: We’re anticipating more airfare sales coming over the next few weeks as airlines work to book you for late summer and fall Hawaii vacations.

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Kauai Deals

72 thoughts on “Summer/Fall Hawaii Travel Deals Include LAX Price Drop! $179+”

  1. Aloha!

    What has been the cheapest time to fly to Maui from SFO, OAK or SJC (with good weather of course!)


  2. Hello, I’m so glad to have found your site! I have a family of 5 travelling from Seattle to OGG Nov 4 through Nov 12. How far in advance should I be looking for maximum savings?


    1. Hi Chris,

      Seattle isn’t as competitive right now as we see at times. Your Saturday return is costing about $50 extra and your Friday departure isn’t helping either. So if you plan to stay on those days it is going to cost nearly $600 and may well not improve. If you can travel mid-week, currently it is about $530 and we expect it to drop back into the mid to high $400 soon. Hope that helps.


  3. Hi there!
    Your website is great! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I’m looking into Mid October trip from Seattle to HNL and OGG. In your opinion, should I bite into the current deals now or should I wait for better deals since I still got time? thanks a bunch!!!

    1. Hi Joy.

      Thank you. About $475 RT right now. Gut feeling is that you might improve somewhat by waiting due to those being quite competitive markets. Target savings of $50-$75. If that isn’t worth the hassle, then buying now is still good value.


  4. I am trying to find a reasonable ticket from Little Rock, Arkansas or Memphis, Tennessee to Hawaii, Honolulu between November 8 thru Dec 2. I am look for the best deal so it doesn’t matter which airport I make my departure. Thanks

    1. Hi Anette,

      With a good connection, prices from either airport are about $900. If you have more stops and take 20+ hours (not recommended) you can lower the price by $100. Suggest waiting a month or so as it could improve somewhat with a target in the $700’s.


  5. Hi, I’m traveling to Kona could depart from Lax, San Diego, or Orange County which ever would get me the best deal, our vacation days available are Jan 3 thru Jan 12 2017. 3 adults and 3 kids 7,9,11(ages)
    I got 5 nights 6 days at the fairway villas in Kona. We also have thanksgiving available but would rather travel in January.

  6. Hi,
    I am looking to travel from the bay area (preferably SFO or OAK) between the 12th and 25th of August. There was a big rise in prices in the last few days, do you know if there are any special days or promotions expected in the following week or two? The 186$ / 199$ deals you mention here are no longer available.
    I am looking to land in Honolulu and return from Maui (or the opposite, not very significant). Thanks.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Those prices are still current, just not available for the dates you are traveling. Maui has $378 starting 3 days later if you have flexibility. Honolulu is somewhat higher as is an asymetrical routing. Otherwise might improve for your dates if you wait – gut feeling is 60% towards improvement.


  7. Good morning, We visited the big island and ended up buying two acres,so I am looking for deals to get us back. We like to have a flight with only one layover. We have used united and ended up with delays,cancelations so would like to know what airline would also get us there. We live in the wisconsin area. No dates set just looking for a great deal.

    1. Hi Kay,

      As you already know there is really no real air market between Wisconsin and Hawaii, so there will just be seasonal fluctuations in prices. Fall prices start in mid-$700’s but with multiple stops. Better deals are to be had from Chicago, if that’s possible. Those are both cheaper and more direct.


  8. Aloha!

    We are doing a last minute travel to Big Island this month. Wondering which area would be best to stay in (mid July to mid August) in Big Island… We have a 5 year old, so hoping to stay near calm waters where he could do swim/snorkeling.

    Thank you!


  9. I enjoy reading your newsletter but am trying to find a deal for a trip to Honolulu from NYC over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday. Is that a pipe dream? I’ve been watching for weeks…

  10. Aloha! We are planning a family trip from Milwaukee to Oahu June 9th to 17th, 2017. Our schedule is not very flexible. When is the best time to purchase tickets? Early, when the airlines first release the flights? Or do we wait? What can we expect to pay? Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Bonnie.

      We’d suggest buying as soon as they are available. It should be about $1,200 RT.


  11. Hello , planning my 1st trip to Hawaii in June of 2017. Flexible on dates . Really don’t know where to begin . A lot will depend on airline . Needing to fly out of San Antonio , Austin , Houston or Dallas Tx. Wouldn’t mind a layover in Cali if it takes us that route . Would it be cheaper to book a flight to California ( preferably LAX) then book Hawaii? How far in advance should I book ? Thanks so much !

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Best info on your trip planning questions is contained here: https://beatofhawaii.com/the-cheapest-time-to-fly-to-hawaii/.

      If you’re going to come and go by the first week of June you have a low season trip. After that it’s a high season trip with prices about double. The airlines have the stopover thing figured out. In addition, stopovers unless true stay-overs are problematic in terms of security, checked bags, and potential for missed flights.

      Dallas will probably be the cheapest of your choices. Prices for June aren’t out quite yet, but we’d anticipate $1100+. Best bought sooner than later if you’re trip is in high season.

      Lastly, for general trip planning, high suggest you check out the Hawaii Revealed guidebooks.


  12. Please help………..airfare from Atlanta to Hawaii is just about unaffordable. My husband and I are trying to plan a trip to Hawaii sometime after October, I have family there. We’ re very flexible can can travel anytime from Novermber on. How do we go about finding the best airfare.deals ? We’ ll be flying out of Atlanta to the Big Island and Honolulu. I look forward to you reply.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Caren,

      On the Delta nonstop, some dates are in low $800’s which is somewhat reasonable. Example is November 2/10 to/from Honolulu. Adding Maui to that makes the fare $930. There are lower prices, like $693 on Alaska, but you’ll spend a very long time getting there. Could improve if you wait, but we can’t say that with any certainty.


  13. Hey there,

    I’m going from Minneapolis to Maui and having trouble finding the deals that you listed. My dates are 100% flexible between August and November, but the lowest the Delta calendar is showing me is $360 each way.

    Am I missing something?


    1. Hi Nick,

      Sorry to say that the MSP deals are gone for now and we’ve removed them. Good news is that while these obviously come and go very quickly, the MSP ones have been on again and off again (between several airlines) for the past few weeks. They could well reappear again.


  14. Aloha, I am trying to get the travel deal of $186 in October. Can leave from San Francisco or LA. Can you please direct me where to find this deal? Thank you

    1. Hi Donna.

      That deal is from SF, not from LA. Today the best price is $189. You can get to that here. That is also available at Virgin America which has different availability.

      On either airline you’ll need to do a search using the calendar for the fastest way to find the available days.

      Regarding Los Angeles, there are $229 fares today only, which you can see here.


  15. Thank you very much for all your info on Hawaii, especially the airfare deals! I have a question that perhaps you/someone else can answer re: Sunset on the Beach at Waikiki for Hawaii Five 0 season 7 premiere. Do you know when it is, or what site I can go on to find out? Thank you, appreciate any help!

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