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Top 13 Hawaii Deals This Summer/Fall $336+RT

Thirteen Hawaii deals from the west, mountain states and Canada today that are good enough to be our “Beat of Hawaii deals picks.” Some routes start immediately and the rest are for travel later this summer and fall. Deals picks are airfares we believe are at or very near the best price you’re going to find when planning a Hawaii vacation. We also list routes on which we suggest waiting for the next deals in order to buy at the best price.

Travel and purchase dates: Purchase immediately for best availability. Some fares are scheduled to end on June 15, 2016 but in reality these could all end at any time. Unless summer travel is indicated, these are valid late August through early November (varies by route). Travel starting either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Fares and Availability: These are the lowest fares round trip in each market and are not available all dates/flights. Use Hawaiian Airlines monthly fare calendar to view prices and availability by month. Also check Virgin America and Alaska Airlines.

Notes: Links below lead to the airline offering each route deal. If you don’t find dates that work for you, don’t despair. We will still have more airfare sales for late summer and fall travel. Subscribe to our free email updates and never miss Beat of Hawaii travel deals.

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106 thoughts on “Top 13 Hawaii Deals This Summer/Fall $336+RT”

  1. Please we would like your help, going from san diego to kona oct 16 and return oct 30, 2016
    what is the best time to buy lowest fare for our trip
    thank you

    1. Hi Dean,

      $451 with one stop or $492 nonstop. Cheaper flights are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and that is only on one stop. Cheapest is American. Might improve by waiting but might not due to day of week issue. Gut call is that it probably won’t get worse for your dates if you decide to wait. Don’t know when that might happen – could be rather last minute Also suspect nonstop won’t go lower than it is now.


  2. Thank you so much for your site! My husband and I are going to Hawaii from Boston for our 50th anniversary, leaving the last week of October and returning in mid November. Our rental dates are firm, Oct. 29 – Nov. 3 we will be in Honolulu. Nov.3 – Nov. 11 we have rented a timeshare in Princeville, Kauai and another timeshare in Kahana, Maui Nov. 11-Nov. 18. Any advise you can give us about flying to and from Boston (or even NY) to Honolulu as well as inter-island flights would be so helpful! Our days on either end of the rentals are somewhat flexible.
    Your site has already been so helpful and we would appreciate any advice you can give us for this trip of a lifetime!
    Thank you for time,

    1. Hi Pat.

      Sounds like a great trip. Only bad news is the airfare. That’s going to be $1K on American with a fast connection from Boston. Outbound in October might have lower fare later. You can try waiting but the return might be a problem in terms of availability as that is the Friday before Thanksgiving week, and is best booked sooner than later. Therefore, no great suggestions. Just as a note, there’s a $600 RT from Boston to Maui late/summer to fall, which won’t help you in terms of dates or flying into HNL. But it gives an indication of where prices can go off-season from Boston.


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