Hawaii Deals Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Hawaii Airfare Deals | Four Islands $185+

Are you ready for your Hawaii vacation this summer (June, July and August) with airfare savings of up to 50%? We have lower than expected prices  on summer 2017 Hawaii airfare deals to four islands, including Kauai! Keep in mind that otherwise, west coast to Hawaii airfares during peak summer months generally run from $700 to $1,000.

Act now for sure since these won’t stick around long. Pack your bags, and come enjoy our warm ocean, and cooling trade winds during the ultimate time to visit Hawaii this summer.

Fares below are one way including all taxes and fees, and may or may not require a round trip purchase.

Kauai Deals

Oakland $288

San Diego $291

Kona Deals

Portland $185

San Diego $312

Maui Deals

Portland $228

Oakland $308

San Francisco $314

Seattle $273

Oahu Deals

Portland $232

San Jose $323

San Francisco $327

Travel and purchase dates: Book immediately on Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines and other airlines linked to routes above. Available dates vary greatly by route. Generally mid-June through mid-August and beyond. Travel can commence either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Fares and Availability: Prices above are each way, include all taxes and fees. Some of these can also be bought just as one way, while others cannot. These are the lowest fares offered and are not available on all or even most dates/flights. Use the monthly fare calendars to find seats, availability and best pricing by month. If you no longer find fares listed, they have been become sold out.

Notes: If you can’t find dates that work for you, we’ll have more summer airfare sales soon. Please sign up for our free email updates and catch the latest Hawaii travel deals when they happen.

13 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Hawaii Airfare Deals | Four Islands $185+”

  1. Hi,

    Appreciate your website and information! We are looking at flying from Oakland to Maui on August 10 for eight days. Last year the airfare came down into the $400s/low $500s. This year the fare has stuck in the high $600s (I’ve been looking at it since winter). Any hope fares will drop for our time frame? There still look to be lots of seats available on the Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines flights.

    1. Hi Jeremy.

      That’s 2nd week of August and prices are still summer/higher. Following week has fares in $400’s if that works. Otherwise you can wait and see, but not clear that it will come down.


  2. Hi,

    We are looking at coming from Florida- Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area in Mid July. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Leslie.

      Just over $1,000 in July. Fair price for that peak summer travel.


  3. Hello!
    I have trip to kauai at the beginning of November. I am waiting to buy flights from Oakland to Kauai. I see flights for 589.00 now. Do you think they will go lower for the fall?

  4. Aloha, Bonjour!
    I use to visit Hawaii. Would like to get deals from Montréal/ Québec/Canada 🙂
    I love your site!
    Mahalo, Merci:)

    1. Hi Helene.

      Happy to near from Montreal friends. There are fares of about $400 this fall on Delta with 2 stops. Or $500+ with 1 stop. There are very rare sales, but honestly for that distance those prices are unbeatable.

      Bienvenue à Hawaii.


  5. Hi, we are an Australian couple touring.We will be back in Honolulu on the 21st June .Should we book now, althoughbprices have gone up lately or wait till last minute.We have accommodation booked for the 21st till 25th .

    We forgot to add , we are flying back in Honolulu on the 21st from Las Vegas re our enquiry of “Whether we book now or wait a few weeks or last minute.”

    We sincerely thank you for your time and effort in anticipation..

    Regards from down under.

    We thank you


    1. Hi John.

      Are you asking about flying between Las Vegas and Honolulu? In any event, your June dates are during high season and it is highly doubtful that anything last minute will improve prices. If there’s something different you’re asking about, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

      Always happy to see Aussie visitors here in Hawaii!


  6. Hi, Please tell me when would be the best time for me to buy my tickets for October 2017. I will be flying from Phoenix to Oahu & Kauai.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Deborah.

      Cheapest we are seeing is at moment is nearly $700 but has room to drop by at least $100-$125. Could happen any time starting now. No rush buying until this happens however for off-season travel.


  7. would love to see Sacramento included more often in you airfare info, love your site and work, thank you. I tell lots of folks about your site because it is sooo good.

    1. Hi David.

      Nothing good from SMF this summer, but this fall there are already great airfares if that works for you.


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