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Summer Sale on Flights to Kauai | $183-$263

Save on flights to Kauai even during the peak of summer. Now that’s unusual! Travel from Southern California, Norther California, the Pacific Northwest and even New York. This, as neighbor islands continue to benefit most from recent sales, with today being no exception.

This sale on flights to Kauai represents significant savings over typical airfares on the same routes. Remember that normal peak summer pricing is from $350 to as much as $600 each way.

Travel on three airlines from spring through summer 2018, depending on route, as indicated below. Days of week also vary by route and there are some Saturdays and Sundays are available too. Spring break is generally not included (mid March until early April).

Prices for flights to Kauai are each-way and include all taxes and fees. Round trip is generally not required. Book immediately, as these offers could end at any time. Most routes are nonstop while some require connections.

Act immediately as these are unadvertised deals that could end at any time. And be sure to get all our Hawaii deals when they happen – subscribe to our free email updates.

Flights to Kauai on Sale

Los Angeles to/from Kauai $179 to $183 on Hawaiian Airlines through May 24 then $263 all summer long (though not all days).

Oakland to/from Kauai $168 on Hawaiian Airlines through May 17.

San Francisco $198 on Hawaiian Airlines through May 17 then $240-$285 all summer long (though not all days).

San Jose $168 on Hawaiian Airlines through May 17.

San Diego $168 on American Airlines through May 17 then $187 on United Airlines all summer long (though not all days).

Portland $183 on Hawaiian Airlines through May 17.

Seattle $187 on United Airlines through June 1 then $237 all summer long (though not all days).

New York $294 on Hawaiian Airlines through May 16.

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26 thoughts on “Summer Sale on Flights to Kauai | $183-$263”

  1. I am curious, I am seeing you posted that flights are X amount thru X date in various cities, then X amount all summer (depending on exact day). Problem is, I searched each of the cities and the prices posted are at least $500 more than posted on this blog. Am I missing something?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Angie.

      Prices are validated and available at the time they are published, then generally from one to a few days thereafter. Rarely more. That is indicated throughout the website so that visitors know to book offers we publish as soon as they are available.


  2. Going San Jose to Lihue Sept 5-15. Is Alaska the only direct flight? So far their fares are high $500s – $600. Best to book now, or good chance fares will lower? Thanks, Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer.

      Yes only Alaska at this point although Hawaiian may well add that at some point once their aircraft deliveries are back on track. Should improve by waiting. Saturday return however will prevent obtaining best price.


  3. Wanted to thank you guys! Bought a ticket from Phoenix to Maui from 4/30 through 5/9 for 325.00 RT on Hawaiian Airlines thanks to your info.

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