Flights to Hawaii From California

Flights to Hawaii From California, New York, Arizona, and More $163-$188 | Peak Summer

More routes added and better prices too in today’s sale on flights to Hawaii from California, New York, Phoenix, Houston and Cleveland. Alaska, American, Hawaiian and United all are participating. Save on flights starting in peak of summer (July) and going until May 2019, depending on route. Again, Southern California scores big, with flights to Maui over peak summer travel dates.

Travel can commence either on the mainland or in Hawaii. Come and enjoy Hawaii this summer, fall, winter and spring!

Unpublished airfare sale: These unadvertised fares could end at any time, so act quickly. Then fly to three Hawaiian Islands for a fraction of the normal cost, all inclusive. Unbeatable airfares on eleven routes to Kauai, Kona and Maui.

Travel and purchase dates: Book immediately at Alaska, American, Hawaiian and United (online) as this unadvertised sale could end at any time. Travel from July until May, depending on route, as indicated below. Best availability is for mid-week travel but some weekends are available too.

Fares and Availability: Prices below are each way and include all taxes and fees. These are the lowest fares offered and not available on all or even most dates/flights. Most routes have limited availability and are only on sale certain days. If you no longer find fares listed, they have become sold out.

How to Book: Use links below. Online booking only. You cannot call the airlines to get these deals.

More Help: The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii contains our best tips and tricks. If you are too late for this deal, sign up for our free email updates to stay on top of more Hawaii airfare sales coming soon.

Flights to Hawaii From California, New York, Arizona, and More $163-$188 | Peak Summer

San Diego to Maui $186 each way on American and United. Travel from July until May.

San Francisco to Kauai $163 on American. Travel from September until December.

San Francisco to Maui $188 each way on HawaiianAlaska and United. Travel from August until December.

San Jose to Kauai $188 each way on Hawaiian, Alaska and American. Travel from August until November.

San Jose to Kona $178 each way on Hawaiian and Alaska. Travel from August until December.

Phoenix to Kona $162 each way on Hawaiian. Travel from August until December.

Cleveland to Kona $167 each way on United. Travel from August until December.

New York (EWR) to Kauai $166 each way on American. Travel from October until November (limited).

New York (EWR) to Kona $167 each way on United. Travel from August until November.

Houston to Kauai $167 each way on American and United. Travel from September until November.

Houston to Kona $167 each way on United. Travel from August until November.

Updated 7/3/18.

19 thoughts on “Flights to Hawaii From California, New York, Arizona, and More $163-$188 | Peak Summer”

  1. Can you tell me what’s he lowest airfare to Hawaii from Houston anytime in September. I dont know what link to click to check.

  2. Aloha! Wondering when the fares may be lowest for First Class, Round Trip, Boston to Honolulu in October. Flight days and length of stay are super flexible!

    I am NOT flexible on one airline. Will not fly United.

    Thank you in advance,

    Anne S.

    1. Hi Anne.

      About $1800 RT in October. Prices probably won’t change by either buying now or waiting.


  3. When is the best time to purchase ticket from Raleigh, NC to KOA for a Dec 7th flight.
    Thankyou for your time.

    1. Hi Cyndi.

      Doesn’t appear to be a lot of room for price to go lower by waiting. $658 RT with 12/7 departure, or $30 less on Thursday instead of Friday. Or $341 one-way on Friday, $314 on Thursday.


  4. Could you please tell me when would be the best fares between Atlanta and Oahu, thanks in advance.

  5. Please tell me if there are flights offered to Maui leaving from Oklahoma City, Oct. 7th and returning Oct. 13 or 14th.

    1. Hi Carol.

      Starting at $767 round trip. Might come down to about $700 if you wait. Could be less, but that would require multiple stops, long duration, and a low cost carrier (Frontier).


    2. Back in January okc to dfw to ogg and back was $394 and was good weekdays for the whole year.

  6. Hi, do they offer flights on sale to Hawaii from Las Vegas? I keep checking, maybe I missed it?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Donna.

      No sale on flights from Las Vegas. Hopefully there will be more competition soon.


  7. What price point should I purchase 4 tickets from Phoenix, AZ to Kona, HI from August 5th. 2018 – August 15th, 2018? I’ve seen them as low as $468 RT but I am wondering if they will go cheaper..willing to go to San Diego or LA for a REALLY good deal…maybe $99 each way at some point?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Erin.

      Not sure it will go lower than current $461. Two reasons – your Sunday fly date and because it is a bit too early in season. If you start trip on 7th then $401 RT and following week is $325.


  8. Hi. Why is San Jose International not an option to depart from to Hawaii but sometimes it is on the list?

    1. Hi James.

      Fares change up to 5x daily. There are still some $192 fares to Kona and Lihue. Lower prices were available when published.


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