Why Hawaii Travel Will Rebound First

Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii in 2022

This Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii features our six-article guide. Read our new tips on Hawaii vacation deals, the best and worst dates to travel in 2022, when to buy, and what prices to expect during all seasons, including holidays.

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Read all the details on Southwest Hawaii flights.

Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii – What to Expect Throughout 2022.

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Great News for Value Hawaii vacations!

Flights to Hawaii remain at inflation-adjusted low prices and this is only going to continue for the time being. That’s good news for 2022 Hawaii vacations. Recent and upcoming competition and strong discounting on many routes result in cheaper than expected flights to Hawaii.

The two largest Hawaii air markets – Southern California and Northern California, continue to see the best sale pricing as a shakeup in competition is continuing to occur. This will continue throughout 2022. Since California flights to Hawaii are highly impacted by Southwest competition, those routes should continue to have the best airfares going forward.

Seattle and Portland have had limited and intermittent competition as Delta competes with Alaska Airlines from the Pacific Northwest and United joins in with 1-stop flights.

San Diego and Sacramento get good prices on flights to HawaiiThese cities also have flights from Southwest!

Start your Hawaii vacation planning now with our helpful guides below.

Six Articles To Help You Find Hawaii Deals

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4,651 thoughts on “Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii in 2022”

  1. My wife and I would love to fly to Hawaii again — but not until the airlines cease with the stupid Mask Mandates! I refuse to rebreathe my own CO2 for the hours it takes to get there!

  2. Thank you for that information. The flights are very affordable but the hotels are exorbitantly priced. Hotels that were $300.00 a night, two years ago are $700.00 a night now. That adds up really quick.

  3. Does having the 2 shot vaccines not enable for us to travel to Maui Mid June? If we have our drivers license plus our card that verifies out vaccines plus our passport to prove who we are, can’t we go or do we need to cancel our trip if we have to quarantine?

    1. We visited the big island after we got married 13 years ago..This time we would love to have all five of our kids, our two son in laws and our grandson along with us!! It would be a dream come true if our family could all be here at the same time! Please help us to see Kauai!Thank you so! Mahalo🌺

  4. Beautiful island of Kauai awaits me!!! This is my 3rd time to reschedule my trip. This will be my 7th time to visit. Each time I bring different friends with me. They hear me talk about Kauai and their curiosity gets them. We have planned our trip for May 11 to 18. I pray this evil Covid is gone! BTW the two companions have never flown!!

  5. I confess I have just recently started reading the articles you publish, but the information you publish seems to be very factual. You do your homework and remove biases which is a rarity today. This is especially important during turbulent times. Hopefully other media sources can follow your lead. Creditability is very important. Thank you.

  6. Hi, We are coming to visit Kona island and we want to know is Kona island legitimate therapy small dog friendly? Nick is a 16lb manchester terrier and we need to know if we are going to be turned away from beaches and restaurants etc…

    1. First off, Kona is not an island. It is a district on the island of Hawaii.
      Thank you for the LOL moment.

  7. It seems Hawaiin is lagging behind. I chatted with a HA agent and they said my mid June flight cancellation next week. They seem to be dragging their feet a bit.

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