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Cracking The Code: Affordable Hawaii Flights in 2024

Figuring the optimal time to purchase tickets and visit Hawaii remains intriguing, largely influenced by the dynamic interplay of supply, demand, and competition in 2024. Discover some encouraging news below on cost-saving strategies for high-demand travel to Hawaii.

Airlines are using every means at their command to raise prices. That includes, among other things, a greater differential between the cost of basic economy and regular economy tickets, which now goes up to $60 each way. Plus, the fees for premium seat assignments, baggage (except Southwest), and anything else possible. In recently discussing the new airline “compact lavatories,” one commenter noted airlines would charge to use them too if they could!

During an interview last year, here’s what Hawaiian Airlines had to say about airfare costs:

“Prices are changing every day in the marketplace. And typically it’s driven by the supply and demand of air seats that dictates what pricing is applicable at any moment in time and in the market. That’s going to be a dynamic situation….”

Peter Ingram, CEO, Hawaiian Airlines.

Aloha on a Budget: 2024 Hawaii Flight Bargains

Christmas/New Year high season holiday travel 2023-2024 (December 15, 2023, through January 1, 2024). No significant sales are expected – but there’s still some surprisingly good news below. Remember that securing a spot in Hawaii during the Christmas season generally comes with a premium price tag, a trend that persists yearly. Visitors flocking to Hawaii for the holidays often book far ahead to secure their preferred options and avoid any last-minute letdowns. Accommodations and rental cars can pose considerable challenges, too, so plan well in advance to steer clear of availability issues. Tip: A few exceptional deals are still to be had, like Los Angeles to Honolulu, Kauai, Kona, and Maui starting in the $300s RT throughout the holidays. Overall, however, most flights are returning to near the traditional $600-$700 RT range from the West Coast. Check now and don’t delay if you find any deals. 

Winter 2024 low-season travel (January 1 through March 19, 2024). The outlook for the upcoming winter includes many intermittent sales from the most competitive mainland gateways. There is strong competition, as well as reasonably strong demand. Look for greater than normal winter to spring 2024 airfare sales without a doubt. Winter used to be an expensive time of year to visit Hawaii. Tip: In the last several years, winter prices have become more moderate, which looks again to be the case. Buy on sale pricing, starting typically 90 days in advance. 

Spring break 2024 high season travel (March 20 to April 12, 2024). Pricing for spring break is mostly heading back to the norm of $600+ roundtrip from the West Coast. In general, buy tickets as far in advance as possible due to a lack of deals and limited availability. Alternatively, wait for possible last-minute availability. Tip: During that period, prices are generally 50% higher compared to the weeks immediately preceding or following spring break.

Spring 2024 low season travel (April 13 through June 9, 2024). Prices are still in flux as supply and demand still work to stabilize. Expect to pay from $90 and up from many West Coast gateways. Maui and Honolulu are generally the cheapest Hawaii destinations, with the Big Island and Kauai being slightly to somewhat higher. Tip: An average number of sales are expected next spring. Buy in the last 90 days for the best prices .

Summer 2024 high season travel (June 10 through August 3, 2024). Good news in terms of continued competition and suppressed pricing may exist into next summer, although it’s too soon to tell right now. Airlines are counting on you buying your tickets well in advance at high prices, particularly for around July 4th. Peak summer travel normally comes with prices that are 50% or more higher than just before or after that peak season. Starting in early August, there’s a noticeable softening in prices and more airfare sales too. Pro tip: Keep an eye on Southern California, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest, where you may find significantly lower summer prices ranging from mid $300s to $500s roundtrip.  

At Beat of Hawaii, we’ve cast our fishing net to reel in the best Hawaii vacation deals just for you. Don’t miss out—subscribe to our free updates and be the first to snag these fantastic offers. Stay tuned, and when we announce the sales, be ready to make your move!

Fall 2024 low season travel (August 4 through mid-December 2024, except Thanksgiving week). Fall airfares should once again remain competitively priced, and availability is always good at this time of year. That makes the fall season an optimal time to travel to Hawaii in our minds, which will remain true in 2024. Tip: Watch for in the 90 days prior to travel and find airfares starting from below $99 from select West Coast gateways.

Christmas/New Year high season holiday travel 2024-2025 (Mid-December 2024, through early January 2025). No sales are expected and keep in mind that you are going to pay a premium for Christmas every year. Those who come to Hawaii during the holidays tend to purchase up to a year or more in advance to avoid disappointment and get their prime picks. Remember that accommodations and cars are always challenging during the holidays, and, as with all flights, planning in advance will avoid availability problems, albeit at higher costs. 

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9 thoughts on “Cracking The Code: Affordable Hawaii Flights in 2024”

  1. Very good information on domestic travel. Have nor been able to determine what Hawaiian Airlines considers off-peak/off-season for travel to/from Seoul, Korea and Honolulu, Hawaii. I am looking for Business class seats with Hawaiian during the month of September 2024, which is considered off-peak for most carriers, including Korean Air using mileage points. When I attempted to make a mileage round trip (using my awards), Hawaiian stated I did not have sufficient mileage because that period is considered Business 2, rather than Business 1 (300,000+ points for 2 travelers). An unpublished off-peak travel period means the passengers lack the transparency needed to plan a trip.

    1. Hi James.

      One thing we’ve tried that may or may not work with your scheduling requirements is this. Keep contact them regarding the possibility of the lower mileage bucket upgrade. It was worked many times for us.


  2. I’ve spent a great deal of gtime On Mauii and want to come over again this Spring, so I’ve been watching pricing. For me the problem is not getting there but the outrageous price of accomodation. How can I spend my money to help Maui when I can’t afford to rent a place.

    1. Thank you for voicing this issue. I feel the same. I saved for 5 years to get there and then the tragedy. The condo I rented refused to refund my money. I am still going and working extra hard to make it up. I make it perfetly clear on social media to not ask me to tip generously and give give give. Guess what, I will tip the regular 20 percent now and no more. I will ‘have” to shop where prices are best for what I need. So that will take over the local markets, etc. I may have to go to Walmart to shop. I’m over greed all around the world. I seem to be the only ones that mentions this in fear of dis-respecting those that lost so much on Maui. I mourned the loss& I will visit & stay on budget, Period.

      1. Thanks, BOH. I have a lot of flexibility in travel dates. But the family won’t commit to a date as early as I’d like. I wonder – will Google Flights allow me to ask for first-class deals without specific dates?

        Those are great fares from Ontario- typically about $1800 r/t for a recliner seat.


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