Get Ready For These Hawaii Airfares To Rise 250%+

Summer 2024 Hawaii Airfares | Better Than You Expect And Why

Following a couple of years of relatively unpredictable airfare swings, the landscape for Hawaii flights this summer is shaping up to be, in a word, stable, which is similar to broader airline industry trends in the U.S.

Visitors can expect no significant deals or discounts, although the dynamics of Hawaii air travel continue to evolve. With that said, the good news is that we’re not seeing the $700 roundtrip fares return from the main West Coast gateways for summer. Now it’s more like $500 with Maui even having some sweet spots around $300 from San Jose. In fact, the best deals are to Maui, followed by Honolulu, then Kauai and Kona.

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Current Hawaii airfare landscape.

Since Covid, Hawaii airfares have seen significant fluctuations, down and then back up. Prices dropped hugely as a result of the sharp decrease in travel to Hawaii. However, as travel to Hawaii resumed, demand surged hugely at first, then less so. Other factors including inflation helped drive prices up since 2022. Now, however, the airline industry has stabilized, and the prices for flights to Hawaii have fluctuated less.

Airfares to Hawaii this summer will be similar to those in 2023, which will at least help visitors plan for predictability in this expense, which is the second largest one for a Hawaii vacation. The airlines flying to Hawaii, Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest, and United have all strategically perfected their Hawaii routes and frequencies. They have become lean and mean and are adding and removing inventory to keep excess to a minimum. All of them have also moved to flying less on an everyday basis, and more on as as needed basis, with some routes only certain days of the week or in certain seasons. Therein, they have created stability that keeps airfares from big ups and downs.

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Hawaii visitors will still find more competitive rates on routes served by multiple carriers and in the summer shoulder seasons (starting August 10). Promotions and deals from Hawaiian and Southwest aren’t enticing the way they were earlier in travel’s recovery, but there are still sweet spots for some savings, again with Maui leading the way from $300 roundtrip on select flights this summer.

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Factors influencing airfare to Hawaii.

Airlines are being more cautious and precise than ever about the number of seats they offer on Hawaii routes. This helps them maintain more stable prices as supply and demand are in close check. Airline tools like dynamic pricing give them the upper hand over consumers in this arena.

Aircraft delivery challenges, too, are a factor in airline planning at the moment. The current uncertain purchase of Hawaiian Airlines by Alaska Airlines is another factor that will be playing out.

The demand for travel to Hawaii remains strong, reflecting much the same as is true in the broader, resilient travel industry. The allure of Hawaii’s scenic beauty and unique culture remains attractive to visitors, even in the absence of significant flash airfare sales. At the same time, the cost of accommodations continues to make airfare pale by comparison.

As airlines make money across the board, with fewer sales and better price control, the peaks and valleys of Hawaii flight prices seem to have evened out.

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Booking tips for Hawaii travelers.

To secure the lowest-cost airfare to Hawaii, it’s advisable to book far in advance when possible for high season travel. That was true before Covid and is becoming true again. Last-minute deals are becoming less likely. So keep that in mind for future trips.

Flexibility is a perennial deal-maker for Hawaii flights. Those who have the ability to adjust travel dates can always find better airfares. That is generally true for mid-week vs. weekend travel, and for off-peak season, which for summer 2024, starts in early August.

For frequent flyers, airline loyalty programs can still provide significant savings or even free flights. That while the number of points for flights has increased significantly over the past few years.

With summer 2024 soon upon us, Hawaii vacationers who still don’t have airfare booked should prepare for little variability in airfares. One good side effect is that you can plan knowing that the likelihood of prices dropping after you book is very slim. As Hawaii remains a highly sought-after tropical destination, with careful planning and especially with flexibility, travelers can still find more reasonable Hawaii airfares.

What tricks are working for you to find cheaper Hawaii airfares?

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7 thoughts on “Summer 2024 Hawaii Airfares | Better Than You Expect And Why”

  1. I just looked at fares from West Coast cities for September. Nothing under $750. I can fly non-stop to Europe for less. Everyone involved in Hawaii travel from hotels to airlines to rental cars to restaurants is in on the scam. Hawaii is pricing itself outside the market. We’ve owned a timeshare on Kauai for decades. We’re not going after this fall. We’ll bank it and travel elsewhere.

  2. Book early or last minute is what I do. Just perusing Kayak for mid July, I’m seeing roundtrip airfares from the S.E. main cabin ranging from $900 to $1300 across all the airlines. United being the cheapest. This is for 1 stop per flight pricing. Not bad, but it’s a long way to flight cramped up. My knees can’t do it anymore… 😀

    Best Regard

    1. Hi Jay.

      BTW thanks for so many thoughtful comments! We concur with you. That’s a long way in regular economy. Recently, as you may recall we both flew United premium economy on the 11 hour nonstop from DC to HNL. It was okay, but just not quite enough legroom to be comfortable, even with the significantly greater cost.


    2. Coming from the east coast, and back (two days ago), I have started flying American and doing premium economy. Agreed, the knees can’t handle the economy as well anymore, but still paying over 1100 round trip. Would love a lower far that the peeps in the west have the option for! I am booking months in advance and look at every airline and transferring city!

  3. I booked a summer return flight for $139 from Maui to Las Vegas in February on Hawaiian. When I finally decided when I wanted book my outgoing flight, the prices have more than doubled that on all airlines. I realize I got a good deal with the $139, but to me, the prices seem higher now than ever.

  4. It does not surprise me that airfares are the first to react to tourist loss. Hotels and STR’s will have to follow for any meaningful recovery of that lost tourist dollar being spent somewhere else. That’s us – we’re done with Hawaii for a while. We’ve booked trips elsewhere through next fall and are excited about new horizons (and places where you are actually welcomed by locals). But if Hawaii hotels and STR’s follow the trend we might have to look again. BTW you nailed the SJC to OGG route – sometimes significantly cheaper enough to route through SJC to get to Maui.

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