Hawaiian Airlines Deals | $99 Now and 54% Off This Summer

$98 Hawaiian Airlines Deals This Summer And Fall Include Weekends

If you are thinking of a Hawaii vacation this summer or fall,  you’ll like what you’re about to read and this short-term promotional offer. This is an absolutely fantastic time to visit Hawaii. And pent-up demand for Hawaii travel has never been greater.

Airlines are still taking somewhat of a beating, and now it is from high fuel prices that are leading to significant increases in airfares both to Hawaii and elsewhere. So with that in mind, these $99 airfares come as a great surprise.

Not all routes are included in this sale,. so if you don’t see your route, it isn’t currently part of the offer. These Cheap Flights to Hawaii can end at any time, so make your time of reservation soon.

When to travel for the best prices.

Available for travel from August through Occtober, these fares are quite exceptional.

For the moment, these Hawaii airfares from west coast gateways are running at about half of the normal face amount for this sale period. Below you’ll find low, low fares from the airline from six departure cities on twenty-four routes. Remember to contrast that pricing with airfares at other times this year, for example, when airlines expect higher prices to return. You’ll see those dates are pegged as high as $700 or more RT from the west coast! We’re still waiting to see if the airlines can get those prices to stick, given all of the competition.

All islands are included in this sale. There’s no doubt about it; late summer and fall are both fabulous times to be in Hawaii. Lock in airfares with these offers today, as you won’t see these fares return again. Act now as availability and pricing change frequently and seats at these prices, especially the higher value ones, are extremely limited for future travel.

The $98 Hawaiian Airlines deals are back!

Travel now from just $98 each way including all taxes and fees.

The prices listed below for purchase of any available Hawaiian Airlines tickets are the lowest we’ve found today for the time periods listed. Other days are somewhat higher to substantially higher priced. Availability is limited and varies by route. Some of the per-passenger, one-way, non-refundable fares are for basic economy service, while others are for regular economy. No Hawaiian Airlines promo codes are needed to get a great web fare today. Mostly mid-week travel, Monday through Thursday. Some weekend dates are included. Search for a future flight using the monthly availability calendar on the airline’s website and read all regulations of Hawaiian Airlines.

You’ll get to bring a full-size carry-on and enjoy complimentary meals with wine on board. Plus wide-body comfort on some routes. Always remember to check-in early for the best seating and upgrade options.

Notes on availability:

▶ We always find cheaper fares than advertised by airlines, but with less availability. Keep that in mind when searching.
▶ Can’t find what you’re looking for? See “Need Help” below.
▶ Airfares change up to five times each weekday, and availability decreases as seats are booked.
▶ To take advantage of these limited Hawaiian Airlines deals, you should find and book them now.
▶ The fares shown are a combination of Main Cabin Basic and full-fare economy, depending on the route.
▶ Start traveling either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii.
▶ Prices listed are each way, per paying adult transaction including all taxes and fees. The checked baggage fee is extra in accordance with the airline’s rules, applicable tariffs, and Hawaiian Airlines contract of carriage.
▶ Most flights are nonstop, although sometimes the number of flight segments is more. These are not code share flights.
▶ See note below on connecting flights.

How to book:

Book online only – these fares are not available by phone. Use the links below to go directly to the Hawaiian Airlines website and then search for your city pairs and dates. Try using the monthly fare calendar for more options and to locate the cheapest fares.

Consider connecting flights for cheaper summer airfares:

Regular Maleko commented “HA and AK are terribly overpriced for Portland/Seattle. For a good fare I have to fly down to SFO on UA!” Our reply was “We are total fans of get there the fastest possible. So we didn’t create connections via other airlines. You’re right though, getting down to LA or SD would in many instances be hundreds of dollars less next summer. For a larger group, that makes a difference.”

Need help?

Feel free to leave questions and comments below – please, or thanks gets a reply. Comments are a very popular part of our community. That’s why you will find more than sixty thousand of them on Beat of Hawaii. If you don’t find what you are looking for, sign up for our free email updates to get notified of the next Hawaii deals.

$98 Hawaiian Airlines Deals This Summer and Fall Include Weekends

Hawaiian Airlines Deals to/from Honolulu Oahu (HNL) Each Way: 

Long Beach (LGB) $119
Los Angeles (LAX) $119
Sacramento (SMF) $124
San Diego (SAN) $119
San Francisco (SFO) $129
San Jose (SJC) $123

Hawaiian Airlines Deals to/from Kona (KOA) Each Way: 

Long Beach (LGB) $120
Los Angeles (LAX) $98
San Diego (SAN) $120
San Jose (SJC) $99

Hawaiian Airlines Deals to/from Lihue Kauai (LIH) Each Way:

Long Beach (LGB) $120
Los Angeles (LAX) $98
Portland (PDX) $149
San Diego (SAN) $99
San Jose (SJC) $99

Hawaiian Airlines Deals to/from Kahului Maui (OGG) Each Way: 

Los Angeles (LAX) $99
Oakland (OAK) $98
San Diego (SAN) $119
San Jose (SJC) from $98

Hawaiian Airlines Deals to/from Hilo (ITO) Each Way: 

Los Angeles (LAX) $119

Updated 4/27/22, 10 am.

311 thoughts on “$98 Hawaiian Airlines Deals This Summer And Fall Include Weekends”

    1. Deb you’ll find that 99% of these “great” fares only exist out of west coast with an occasional Phx itinerary thrown in. On a side note I’ve yet to hear about, or read on here, about snyone locking down any of these so called deals.

  1. Aloha Rob and Jeff. Mahalo for the info on the flights. Am now booked for another visit in October. Hope you are both doing great. Keep up the wonderful work. Always grateful for your updates.

    1. Hi Debra.

      Thanks. We’re happy to hear you’ll be returning this fall! Jeff was busy buying tickets for family to visit this fall as well. Fantastic prices.


  2. Hi Guys,

    Those Hawaiian Airline deals are great!!! But how can you afford to stay in a hotel in Hawaii? The usual $350-375 partial ocean view at the Big Island’s Waikoloa Beach Marriott is over $1,000 PER night! Yikes! Craziness! We miss Hawaii so very much, but won’t pay those hotel prices.

    Thank you BoH for all your updates. You are greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi Mignon.

      Yes hotel prices are crazy. Overall vacation rentals still have better value.


  3. That must be 1 seat per flight. I’m sending 20 from CA.

    Depart Feb 18, return Feb 26, for all passengers, all coach:

    SFO-HNL $1099
    If I can get them to LAX, it’s $504 – good fare, but not $198 either.

    1. Hi Rod.

      Well, it is 4 days later. Did you check when we posted it on 2/8? It was way more than 1 per flight, albeit not available on every flight.


          1. BOE, overall we did OK.

            From the West Coast to the East Coast, fares got higher:

            We did okay with rooms too. I was looking at $33,000 ended up at a comparable property for a little less than $13,000. 3 mini-vans at about $1150/each for 9 days. I guess that’s not outrageous. In July we had a full-size SUV (Ford Navigator, I think) for $30/day, $39 with fees & taxes. That was a special circumstance. Mahalo!

          2. Hi Rod.

            Glad to hear it all worked out for you. That sounds like quite a meeting or party. Enjoy!


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