Hawaiian Summer/Fall Sale Discounts Basic Economy Up To 57%

Hawaiian Summer/Fall Sale Discounts Basic Economy Saves To 57%

A Hawaiian Airlines’ summer and fall sale caught our attention for multiple reasons. First, some great prices (from $119) for flights start as early as August 14. That’s the good news. But there’s a fascinating twist we don’t recall seeing before.

Hawaiian Summer/Fall Sale Discounts Basic Economy Fares to 57%

The cost of Hawaiian Airlines’ basic economy fares has, in some cases, been discounted significantly. Or to look at it from the other direction, the price of full-fare economy has dramatically increased. For example, flying from Sacramento to Kona costs just $119 in late summer and fall if you choose basic economy. In regular economy, however, it is $276. That’s a huge difference.

On the other hand, on other routes, such as Los Angeles or San Diego to Maui, the difference between basic and regular economy fare is still just $30. We have become accustomed to the difference between the two fares being in the $30-$40 range, as is still the case with Alaska Airlines, so this degree of variability was a surprise.

Head below for a complete and current description of Hawaiian’s basic economy and regular economy differences.

When Main Cabin Basic was introduced in 2019, the difference in fares was a mere $20. But with changes that have occurred since then, it’s causing us to stop and rethink whether it is ever the best choice.

Earlier this year, we wrote about Think Basic Economy To Hawaii Is For You? Maybe Not! We’re looking at that again to see how challenging the rules of basic economy are in relation to the sometimes extraordinary difference in price now being charged.

Remember that one of the significant reasons airlines are leading with these highly restrictive fares is merely to catch our attention on their websites and in search results. Then you arrive at sticker shock in various ways, including the option to upgrade to regular economy with limited and often poor seat assignment possibilities. Or the even more expensive option of upgrading to a better selection of seats in economy with more legroom, for which Hawaiian charges as much as $279 each way.

Here’s how the current Hawaiian Airlines summer/fall airfare sale breaks down:

Sale prices are arranged below by island in no particular order.

Oahu deals:

Oakland to Honolulu $119/$159 (08/16/2023 – 10/04/2023)
San Francisco to Honolulu $119/$149 (09/07/2023 – 10/04/2023)
San Jose to Honolulu (08/23/2023 – 11/01/2023) $119/$149
San Diego to Honolulu (10/11/2023 – 11/01/2023) $129/$159
Los Angeles to Honolulu $149/$189 (10/11/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Ontario to Honolulu $154/$184 (09/26/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Seattle to Honolulu $159/$189 (09/06/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Long Beach to Honolulu $160/$200 (10/11/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Portland to Honolulu $179/$209 (08/31/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Sacramento to Honolulu $195/$245 (08/17/2023 – 11/01/2023)

Maui deals:

Ontario to Maui $119/$149 (10/10/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Los Angeles to Maui $119/$149 (08/23/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Long Beach to Maui $119/$189 (10/06/2023 – 10/19/2023)
Oakland to Maui $119/$159 (8/15/2023 – 10/04/2023)
San Diego to Maui $119/$149 (08/17/2023 – 11/01/2023)
San Jose to Maui $119/$149 (08/15/2023 – 11/01/2023)
San Francisco to Maui $119/$149 San Francisco to Kahului (08/17/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Portland to Maui $179/$209 (09/04/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Seattle to Maui $179/$209 (08/30/2023 – 11/01/2023

Big Island deals:

San Diego to Kona $119/$220 (08/21/2023 – 10/26/2023)
San Francisco to Kona $119/$240 (08/21/2023 – 10/26/2023)
San Jose to Kona $119/$222 (08/14/2023 – 10/26/2023)
Sacramento to Kona $119/$276 (08/21/2023 – 10/26/2023)
Oakland to Kona $149 to $189 (09/05/2023 – 09/21/2023)
Portland to Kona $159/$189 (09/04/2023 – 10/26/2023)
Seattle to Kona $159/$189 (09/04/2023 – 10/26/2023)
Long Beach to Kona $180/$231 (10/09/2023 – 10/26/2023)
Los Angeles to Kona $189/$229 (08/16/2023 – 08/31/2023)

Kauai deals:

San Diego to Kauai $139/$179  (08/17/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Ontario to Kauai $149/$189 (09/21/2023 – 10/19/2023)
San Francisco to Kauai $149/$189 (08/17/2023 – 11/01/2023)
San Jose to Kauai $149/$189 (08/15/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Los Angeles to Kauai $149/$189 (08/23/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Oakland to Kauai $149/$189 (08/16/2023 – 11/01/2023)
Long Beach to Kauai $150/$220 (10/06/2023 – 10/19/2023)
Portland to Kauai $165/$205 (08/31/2023 – 11/01/2023)

Rules for Hawaiian Airlines’ basic economy.

Advance Seat assignments: None. You will either be able to self-assign a seat at 24-hours before departure; if not, it may be assigned at the gate.

Family seating: “We cannot guarantee that your family will be able to sit together. If it’s important for you to have all family members sit together, we recommend that you select another fare option with less restrictions.”

BOH: That comes even as the US DOT has admonished airlines to provide family seating at no additional cost on all fares.

Baggage allowance: Identical to regular economy, one carry-on and one personal item. There is a charge for checked baggage unless you have their branded credit card. The use of overhead bins is allowed.

Last boarding group: “Main Cabin Basic ticket holders will board in the last boarding group unless otherwise eligible for a different boarding group (such as if you are a premium member or need extra time boarding).

Ticket changes, cancellations, refunds: “Main Cabin Basic tickets can’t be changed once you complete your booking.” As US DOT requires, “Guests may cancel their reservation made 7 or more days prior to departure without penalty if requested within 24 hours of purchase.” Tickets are non-refundable.

HawaiianMiles accrual: basic economy passengers accrue miles that count towards elite status identically to main cabin customers.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Summer/Fall Sale Discounts Basic Economy Saves To 57%”

  1. My ohana and I love flying Hawaiian due to their service and choice of aircraft they fly to and from the islands. However for the 6 of us to make a trip to Maui in early August, it’s going to cost us almost $4k. Despite getting emails about their airfare deals often, it doesn’t seem as there will be any for when we are planning to go.

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