New Alaska and Delta Hawaii Routes Announced

$119 Early Summer In Hawaii Alaska Airlines Sale

Flying to Hawaii for $119 at a time of year that usually isn’t on sale is possible today, but not for very long. Unfortunately, what comes after that will be more and more airline sticker shock. Today’s Alaska Airlines Hawaii airfares are valid in both directions, starting on the mainland or in Hawaii on the routes listed below.

Tickets must be purchased soon, as availability is quite limited, with the entire sale scheduled to end tomorrow. So it would be best if you buy now. Visit any of the four islands.

See details and dates of availability below. Enjoy the perfect Hawaii vacation that starts before more summer crowds arrive. Come and luxuriate under the unequaled Hawaiian sun.

$129+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Kauai

San Diego $129 basic economy; $169 regular economy.

$179+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Maui

Seattle is $179 basic economy; $219 regular economy.

$119+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Kona

San Jose has $119 basic economy; $159 regular economy.

San Diego $129 basic economy; $169 regular economy.

Portland $159 basic economy; $199 regular economy.

Seattle $159 basic economy; $199 regular economy.

$177+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Honolulu

Anchorage $177 basic economy; $217 regular economy.

Airline: Alaska Airlines.

Purchase and Travel dates: Purchase online immediately; the sale ends May 18 or when fares are exhausted. Then travel anytime until June 15, depending on the city pairs you select. Some routes, however, are only on sale for the next week or two.

Fares and Availability: Prices listed are the lowest fares we found each way in these markets at the time of publication and aren’t always available in both directions. There is limited availability, not on all dates or flights. Some routes are much more limited than others. That’s why prices are lower than those found elsewhere. These are “saver fares,” have limited or airline-assigned seat selection, and are last to board. Regular economy is priced at $30-$40 more.

Tips: Travel can start either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii. Try looking for one-way fares and combining two into and out of different islands to create your custom island hopping-in-Hawaii experience!

How to Book: You cannot call to get these Alaska Airlines Hawaii deals. Online booking only. Additional fees and other fares may apply to phone reservations.


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