Southwest Hawaii Red-Eye Flight Announcement This Month?

$75 Southwest Hawaii Flights On Sale This Summer + Fall

This is a spectacular opportunity to get on Southwest Hawaii flights for 40% less. Fares start at just $75 one-way, including all taxes and fees. And you get two free checked bags (a $75 value) included. It doesn’t get cheaper than that! Check on your favorite routes for what we found to be a very pleasant price surprise.

Southwest is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first commercial flight with this big event.

But, don’t wait, as you must book your flights to and from Hawaii by Thursday, June 15, 2023, and before midnight CDT. This comes at a great time since fewer Hawaii airfare sales are currently available.

Prices are for travel from mid-August until early December.

Airfare examples:

San Diego to Maui $75

San Jose to Maui $82

San Diego to Kona $84

Oakland to Kona $85

Oakland to Maui $85

San Jose to Kona $85

Wanna Get Away Day Sweepstakes

Rapid Rewards Members can enter to win free flights and prizes. Visit through Sunday, June 18, 2023, at 11:58:59 p.m. Central Time to enter.

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How to obtain additional savings on Southwest Hawaii flights.

Use 40OFF in the promo code box when booking to receive the discount on Southwest. Then travel from mid-August until early December, 2023. The offer is valid for one-way or round-trip fares, including the cheapest ones. Keep in mind that the discount is applied to the actual fare, prior to taxes and fees being added. Check your favorite routes for the best sale prices.

Do the work to find dates for your Hawaii deal.

This offer isn’t available on all flights, or for all or even most seats. Sometimes only a few seats are available at the sale price. Book immediately for the best Hawaii deals.

The late summer through fall season in Hawaii is still one of the best times to visit. You’ll experience beautiful weather, and epic Hawaii sunsets too. This is an excellent opportunity to get a significant price break and avoid the peak summer crowds.

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8 thoughts on “$75 Southwest Hawaii Flights On Sale This Summer + Fall”

  1. Don’t mean to beat a dead horse here but what happened to all those sky high fares that were supposed to happen?

    1. Hi Patrick.

      They are very real. We just paid $600 per person one-way on Southwest from Hawaii to the southeast. So if you’re lucky enough to travel on one of these California to Hawaii routes at the right time, then you’re set. Otherwise, “sky high fares,” as you put it, are the rule. BTW, thanks for 250 comments to date.


      1. I just had the impression that All fares, everywhere, were going to be going up,up,up…
        But as you said, I guess it just depends on where you are going to or coming from.

        $600 one way? Ouch. Have you considered possibly booking a cheap flt. to the mainland and then seeing what you can get from that point to your final destination?

        1. Hi Patrick.

          Yes we looked at every possible alternative, and short of spending two days in the air, with intermediate overnight stops, hotels, and multiple trips through TSA, that was the best we could find. Ouch is right. It will at least make another article. Rob was very happy with the Southwest experience, while Jeff was not. More to come on that. Again, thanks!


  2. I didn’t see the $75 deal however, I did see a $125 deal. Those are crazy good buys. Probably has something to do with your dates

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