Sale on Hawaiian Airlines Flights This Summer

Hawaiian Airlines Flights This Summer $248+ June Thru August

Today only! Hawaiian Airlines flights this summer from Beat of Hawaii. Save from June through August including 9 airfares we found at prices lower than those advertised by the airline (we have those marked with an asterisk).

The sun will set fast on these deals that end tonight, April 24, 2018. Availability is also limited, so don’t wait even an hour before booking.

Our mission remain finding availability “pukas” (Hawaiian for holes), at below prices by the airlines. US DOT requires airlines to have a minimum standard of availability before they advertise prices. We look for and bring you those deals with somewhat less availability and far better pricing!

Keep in mind that peak summer airfares normally start at $350 or more each way from the west coast.

▶ One-day sale on Hawaiian Airlines flights this summer are available Tuesday 4/24. This ends tonight.
▶ Travel from June 18 to August 16, 2018.
▶ Start travel either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii.
▶ One way travel available on most routes.

Important: Read Fares and Availability below in order to be able to find these airfares.

Many super deals on Hawaiian Airlines flights this summer including Kauai, Hilo and Kona, Maui and Honolulu.

Travel and purchase dates: Book immediately at Hawaiian Airlines. Best prices are for travel Monday through Thursday.

Fares: Prices below are one-way, include all taxes and fees. These are the lowest fares offered and are not available on all or even most dates/flights.

Availability: Some routes are only on sale one or two days per week or less. Use Hawaiian Airlines monthly fare calendars to find availability and best pricing by month. If you no longer find fares listed, they have become sold out as some availability at prices listed is very limited.

How to Book: Online booking only. Use city links below to go to Hawaiian Airlines website then search for your city pairs and dates on their fare calendar.

More Help: The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii for all of our tips and tricks. If you don’t find the deal or dates you are looking for, sign up for our free email updates for many more sales ahead. And feel free to leave a comment below if we can help.

Honolulu Deals This Summer

San Diego $290*
San Jose $282*
Oakland $298*
Portland $260*
San Francisco $298*
Seattle $293*
Los Angeles $283*
Long Beach $283*
Phoenix $298

Maui Deals This Summer 

Phoenix $342
San Diego  $298
San Jose $298
San Francisco $298
Oakland $298
Seattle $268
Portland $288*
Los Angeles $268

Kauai Deals This Summer

Los Angeles $298
Oakland $298
Portland $333
San Diego $326
Sacramento $332
Phoenix $348
San Francisco $333
San Jose $297
Seattle $302

Kona Deals This Summer

Los Angeles $248
Oakland $287
San Diego $262
San Jose $292
Sacramento $313
Portland $313
Seattle $302

Hilo Deals This Summer

Oakland $373
Los Angeles $357
Portland $353
San Francisco $353
San Jose $373
Seattle $353

* Priced below Hawaiian Airlines advertised prices.

Photo at Poipu Kauai

5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Flights This Summer $248+ June Thru August”

  1. Aloha. My wife and I would like to fly from LAX to Oahu June 20-27. Have we missed the boat on getting a good deal on a flight? Thanks.

  2. Aloha! When Hawaiian Airlines offers their deals, are they usually for all flights, or only the flights that aren’t as much in demand? For example, I always fly the nonstop 8am -11am from LAX to Kauai. I’m noticing that particular flight is not usually discounted. Should I book now? Round trip flying nonstop is $713. per ticket. Do you think the rates will go down? Do they hold tickets for these sales? I have a lot of questions! So thankful for your advice. I keep waiting, but I’m getting a little nervous that my favorite flight will sell out! Mahalo!

    1. Hi Claudia.

      That nonstop flight LAX-LIH has been available for as little as about $180 each way recently.Please give us some dates you’re looking at so we can provide more accurate feedback on current and target pricing.


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