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New Routes, All Islands | Hawaii Deals $176+

Great news for Hawaii visitors to all islands today. Travel through February 2018 and take advantage of Hawaii deals from up and down the Pacific Coast. Extra low prices range from $176 to $231 each way. This is simply as cheap as it is ever going to get, so don’t wait. These could end at any time – as in today folks.

This sale has been kicked off by United Airlines, and matched below by Hawaiian Airlines. More airlines could join too. So check back later as we will update this with anything that’s new since 10:40am HST.

Hawaii Deals | New Routes $176+ Include Sacramento, San Diego, More

Portland to/from Kona $181

Sacramento to/from Maui $181

Sacramento to/from Honolulu $218

San Diego to/from Honolulu $231

San Diego to/from Maui $183 

Seattle to/from Honolulu $183

Seattle to/from Kauai $176 (also on Hawaiian Airlines)

Seattle to/from Kona $176 (also on Hawaiian Airlines)

Travel and purchase dates: Book immediately on Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines. Available dates vary greatly by route. Generally spring, late summer, fall and winter except holidays. Travel can commence either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Fares and Availability: Prices above are each way, include all taxes and fees. Some of these can also be bought just as one way, while others cannot. These are the lowest fares offered and are not available on all or even most dates/flights. Use the monthly fare calendars to find seats, availability and best pricing by month. If you no longer find fares listed, they have been become sold out.

Notes: If you can’t find dates that work for you, we’ll have more airfare sales soon. Please sign up for our free email updates and catch the latest Hawaii travel deals when they happen.

Airlines: See links above or go to Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines.

7 thoughts on “New Routes, All Islands | Hawaii Deals $176+”

  1. Aloha, Beat of Hawaii Readers,

    With all the West Coast to Hawaii route expansions, I’m hoping for a new player in the LAX to Hilo (ITO) market. UAL’s 4-5 flights a week, don’t always work for me, since I usually have to depart or return on one of the days of the week where the flight isn’t operating. In addition to that, they can just be darned expensive. I try to get to Hilo to visit once or twice a year, for stays of 4 to 7 days. Would anyone like to offer their thoughts on any new nonstops from the West Coast to Hilo?



  2. Hi! Trying to get tickets for July 18-27 LAX-OGG and cannot find anything under $700 🙁

    From your experience do I bite the bullet or do you think they will be any chance at them being lower?

  3. Frank, was just wondering why all the West coast cities, give some up to the east coast as well, I love Hawaii!! But just to expensive to go there!! Kauai is my personal favorite!! Thanks!!

  4. Checked for Sacramento to Honolulu om United….one way…the least expensive through Jan of 2018 is $302 o/w.
    Where are you seeing the $218 in your article?

    1. Hi Stevo.

      We did confirm that it was available on limited dates (on the airline’s website) at the time we published it.


  5. Do you expect their to be a deal on tickets from Salt Lake City anytime soon? Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Scott.

      SLC isn’t looking good at the moment. $600+ in low season. There are some $500 airfares on United for late August and beyond, but with 2 stops.

      We’ll see if Hawaiian jumps on that next year. It’s definitely possible.


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