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Spring, Summer and Fall Hawaii Deals From $189

We’ve scoured the web today for the best Hawaii deals from in demand west coast cities. Excellent prices that we’ve found let you lock in your Hawaii vacation sooner than would normally be possible.

Today’s fares below begin at just $189 each way including all taxes and fees. Dates vary by route and include spring (now through mid-June), summer (starting mid-August) and fall (through mid-December). We all know that waiting and watching for the best Hawaii deals is exhausting. With these airfares, you can save time while saving money. We think that’s a great way to reduce stress about your Hawaii vacation.

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If you don’t see your city pairs listed, stay tuned. In particular, new Los Angeles flights from Virgin America in May and June will have an impact on those routes.

San Diego Hawaii Deals

San Francisco Hawaii Deals

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Oakland Hawaii Deals

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28 thoughts on “Spring, Summer and Fall Hawaii Deals From $189”

  1. Looking to fly to Maui (OGG) from Oakland in October 2016. Do you think I should buy these tickets today for $388 roundtrip or is there a chance it might be cheaper at a later date? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Rich,

      Yes they could get a little cheaper (up to $50 less), but it is likely not worth waiting around for. That’s a great price.


  2. Hi looking to take 12 family members to Maui from LAX in June dates a flexible, however prices still seem to be fluctuating. Do we bite the bullet and buy now for $600 or wait? Also is it worth it to contact the airlines for book ticket prices thanks?

    1. Hi Q.

      Might improve. Suggest calling group sales desk at all applicable airlines since 10 or more traveling together qualify for group fare.


  3. Do you think flight prices will go down from $400 for OGG to LAX for the week of July 4th?

  4. Hello, Can you tell me if the ads between your articles are “pop ups” that I should ignore for security sake, or, are they bonafide advertisers that you are recommending? I’ve pasted one of them below. Thank you, Fran

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  5. Hello!

    I have a family of 5 and we are looking at Maui 8/19-8/26 flying out of PDX, do you think rates will go down. I’ve been holding out thinking they may go down. Thank you

  6. Hello…..
    Any flights leaving out of (SMF) Sacramento, Ca? I understand certain islands will require connecting flights.

    Thank you and hoping to hear back from you.

  7. I live in la and want to bring my family but looking for best airfare as it’s hard with a family. Please send me deals from lax(or Burbank) to Oahu. Thanks you!

  8. Very helpful, thank you! When is the best time to book flights for a late February, 2017 vacation to Maui? Thank you.

  9. My family is heading to Maui on 7/25 for 11 days. Is there any chance fares could drop into the $600 range leaving out of LAX? Currently,everything is hovering around the mid $700’s. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ron,

      Since new flights are coming next month, yes it might behoove you to wait on this route.


  10. Help! I’m looking to travel to Maui in early June. The airfare is crazy expensive right now! It’s almost $1000! Will it come down and I should be patient? Thank you!

    I’m traveling from Chicago Ohare to Maui . I’m looking at June 7 thru June 23.Any great fares out there ? Should I be patient or bite the bullet and just pay the fare. Is it going to go any higher? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Yes $1,000 on AA with good connection. Do not expect this to improve unfortunately. It could go higher, but that’s also not very likely.


      1. Hi Natt,

        Sorry but not looking good. Might go down a bit (say $30) if you wait. But might not. That route’s pricing is stuck, probably for next year or so.


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