Hawaii Deals This Spring From $242 RT

Hawaii Deals This Spring From $298 RT

Flights to Hawaii are dropping in price for travel beginning now through mid-June. Following are twenty-seven routes to four islands with excellent Hawaii deals for spring travel.

This has already been quite the week for long awaited spring Hawaii deals. If your city isn’t listed yet, however, check back for more Hawaii deals for spring and please subscribe to our free email updates. Also see our jaust updated The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii for more information on seasonal rates for flights to Hawaii.

Fares below are current as of March 30, 2016. These are the lowest prices found for travel in April through June 9, but are not available on all carriers, dates or flights. Availability also varies greatly by route. Prices shown are round trip including all required taxes and fees. Use the airline’s flexible date search or to check across multiple airlines try Priceline. Purchase immediately due to limited availability and ever changing prices.

Honolulu Deals

Kauai Deals

Kona Deals

Maui Deals

Beat of Hawaii photo at Anahola Beach on Kauai.

28 thoughts on “Hawaii Deals This Spring From $298 RT”

  1. Please direct us in looking for a flight for 7 from LAX to Kona from approximately 8/4/16 – 8/15/16. When should we book and what kind of pricing should we expect?
    Thank you, Shirley

  2. Wow, thanks for posting all the great deals. Any chance Minneapolis may have some good deals coming up? Thanks for any advice you may have…..

  3. Are there any Groupon type sites for Maui? I see some Groupon offerings for Oahu but not much for Maui. Thanks

    1. Hi Mike,

      Not as far as we know. In the current economy and with Hawaii travel in particular things like that have lost most appeal to vendors. There is generally little need for deeply discounted third party distribution.


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