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Hawaii Deals | Denver, SLC, Orlando, Montreal $417+RT

Starting off the Memorial Day weekend right with excellent Hawaii deals from airports that rarely see the Hawaii love. Denver and Salt Lake City are valid for peak summer, fall and winter travel until April 2017! These are short-lived, unpublished fares that could end at any time, so get them now if they work for you. Savings are up to 50% off! Stay tuned for more this weekend as historically, Memorial Day weekend has provided some of the top Hawaii deals we’ve seen.

Travel and purchase dates: Purchase immediately for best availability. These unpublished sales could end soon. Travel June 2016 through April 2017 on some routes and from mid August through mid November on others. Travel starting either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Fares and Availability: These are the lowest fares round trip in these market and are not available all dates/flights. Some additional dates are slightly higher in price. Use airlines’ monthly fare calendar to view prices and availability by month or check multiple airlines using Orbitz.

Notes: First, if you don’t find dates that work for you, don’t despair. We will still have more airfare sales for late summer and fall travel. Subscribe to our free email updates and never miss Hawaii travel deals.

Montreal to Honolulu or Maui $417 RT on Air Canada (valid through mid June then mid-August through late September). (Beat of Hawaii Deals Pick).

Salt Lake City to Honolulu $521 on Delta Airlines (valid late June until mid-April 2017 except Thanksgiving and Christmas). Maui is about $55 more. (Beat of Hawaii Deals Pick).

Denver to Honolulu $531 on Delta Airlines (valid late June until mid-April 2017 except Christmas). Maui is about $50 more. (Beat of Hawaii Deals Pick).

Orlando to Honolulu $548 RT on Delta Airlines (late summer and fall). (Beat of Hawaii Deals Pick).



5 thoughts on “Hawaii Deals | Denver, SLC, Orlando, Montreal $417+RT”

  1. Hello and thanks for this site!

    We’re a family of 4 traveling from PHX to Kauai at end of May 2017, starting around Thursday the 25th. Schedules aren’t out yet this far in advance so I’m wondering when they might be posted and if we should try to book right away.
    Also would be open to driving to CA if fares would be worth it to fly from there instead.

    Any advice or tips for us?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Julie,

      For low season, it would be best to wait until much later this year. There is no rush. Driving to San Diego will probably help somewhat – but the time and hard costs probably erode that to the point of it not being worthwhile. The airlines have that figured out. 🙂


  2. Do you know if Hawaiin Airlines will credit your account if the price of a purchased ticket goes lower? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Not as far as we know. You would end up having to change the ticket resulting in a change fee. So savings would need to be quite great to make it work.


  3. Just my luck, the most expensive day ($1,253) on the matrix is my dates of travel; Mar 25 and Apr 1. If I could leave 2-days earlier and come back 2-days later, then the price is excellent @ $531.

    Remind me, when will these kids that live under my roof allow me to travel on less expensive days? I will be so glad when I’m not “spring break” restricted again. :o)

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