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Delta Airlines Hawaii Deals | Peak Summer Included! $176+

Delta Airlines Hawaii sale with incredible summer prices to four islands. This brief fare war is in direct competition with United Airlines Hawaii deals (many of which are still available). It will be quite brief, so don’t wait and be sorry!

Save up to one-half to Hawaii this summer on this quick, unadvertised sale that might end at any time  (plan on that happening today). Unbeatable summer airfares from up and down the west coast to Hawaii. Note that some routes are from both Delta and United, and a few are just United only.

Travel dates are from now until March 2019, except Christmas/New Year and Thanksgiving. June, July, and August peak summer travel is included on most routes.

Regarding sale price availability, June has the least seats overall. July has somewhat better choices. We did find scattered weekend dates, depending on routes. Some routes do not have travel from mid-June through July. Availability during other months is better, often 7 days a week depending on route. If you get stuck finding dates, feel free to leave a “courteous” comment including your city pairs and dates, and we’ll try to help as best we can.

Prices are each way including all taxes and fees. Not all days or flights. At least one stop is generally required.

Ten routes to four islands are available from the Pacific Northwest, Northern and Southern California. Prices and availability could end at any time.

As is true with United Airlines Hawaii flights, Delta is a disruptor in the industry with deals like this that have not been seen in years. Neither legacy airline plans to take competition from new Hawaiian Airlines A321neo fleet and from soon to be arriving Southwest Hawaii flights sitting down.

Also read: The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii for all of our 2018/2019 tips and tricks.

Delta Airlines Hawaii Deals | Peak Summer Included! $176+

Portland to Maui $181 each way on Delta
Portland to Honolulu $181 each way on Delta
Portland to Kona $181 each way on Delta
Sacramento to Maui $183 each way on Delta
San Diego to Maui $181 each way on United
San Diego to Kona $181 each way on Delta. Also on United.
San Diego to Kauai $181 each way on Delta Also on United.
Seattle to Maui $181 each way on United
Seattle to Honolulu $181 each way on United
Seattle to Honolulu $176 each way on United

Guess where this photo was taken.

8 thoughts on “Delta Airlines Hawaii Deals | Peak Summer Included! $176+”

  1. Hi there,

    Do you think we should continue to wait for sales for the Sept/Oct timeframe from the SF Bay Area? Or is this a good time to buy?

  2. Looking for good airline prices from San Francisco to Honolulu travel August 5th to August 12….thank you Maria

    1. Hi Maria.

      $637 on your dates and they are likely to remain expensive. Slight change of improvement (perhaps up to $50) if you wait, or you can come back two days later – move to anything mid-week, and fly for $496.


  3. Hello again-
    Here my dates for a family of 3 to Hawaii this summer:
    July 26 through August 2nd 2018. Any suggestions on how to grab a 181$ deal from Denver to Maui or Kauai would be much appreciated. Thanks a million.

    1. Hi Bibi.

      About $650 RT to either airport, including the United nonstop to Maui. Price is as expected for those dates and not likely to improve. Denver was never a part of this offer.


  4. When would be the best time to buy airfare to Honolulu from Nashville in mid-January 2019? Should I wait to see what Southwest Airlines announces this year?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    1. Hi Darell.

      Sure you can wait and it might work out – no one knows. Otherwise probably best to purchase late summer to mid-fall. Target price looks to be low to mid $500’s.


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