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Virgin America Hawaii Deals | LAX and SFO $149-$169

Sale as of 1030 pm HST December 20, 2017. Competition is again picking up as predicted with these Virgin America Hawaii deals. Book today and save from $100 to $200 or more round trip for travel. Pick dates through early March 2018 and you’ll have an unexpectedly economical escape to Hawaii.

Los Angeles to/from Honolulu $149 one-way.
Los Angeles to/from Maui $169 one-way.
San Francisco to/from Maui $169 one-way.

This fare sale is the result of the renewed competition on flights between California and Hawaii. Read on for sale details. If you miss this deal, please stay tuned for more Hawaii airfare sales!

Virgin America Hawaii Deals | LAX and SFO $149-$169

Los Angeles

1. Departures from Los Angeles to Honolulu or Maui (at time of publishing): January 16 through March 6 (not every day).

2. Returns from Honolulu or Maui to Los Angeles (at time of publishing): January 16 through March 7 (not every day).

San Francisco

1. Departures from San Francisco to Maui (at time of publishing): January 16 through March 6 (not every day).

2. Returns from Maui to San Francisco (at time of publishing): January 18 through March 7 (not every day).

Travel and purchase dates: Purchase immediately as this could end at any time. Prices shown are each-way. Travel starting either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Fares and How to Find Availability: Fares are one-way including all taxes and fees. These are the lowest fares in these markets for these dates and are not available all dates/flights. Use airline’s monthly fare calendars to find dates, as this will be fast changing.

Also Check Hawaiian Airlines for possible matching.

If you can’t find dates that work for you, don’t despair:

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14 thoughts on “Virgin America Hawaii Deals | LAX and SFO $149-$169”

  1. We are planning a family Spring Break trip (April 1 – April 8) from Los Angeles to Honolulu. The current airfare for this busy time is approx $700. Do you think the price will go lower as we near the travel date? Also, my wife and I both have the Southwest Companion Fly Free Card for 2018. Do you think Southwest will be flying to Honolulu from Los Angeles by April 1st. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Long.

      Negative on SWA by April. You’re picking the most expensive spring break dates. Could come down towards last minute if you’re okay with not going at all should it sell out. Accommodations may be an issue as well.


  2. Looking for least expensive flights to Maui from Denver on 4/21/18 returning on 4/29/18. Dates are not flexible. Also thinking about flying to the coast on 4/20/18, then on to OGG 4/21/18. Any advice greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi RA.

      $900 RT or from just under $600 with stops. You can wait to see what happens to prices both direct and stopping on west coast. Dates are in your favor but days of week are not. More sales for after spring break with be forthcoming.


  3. Aloha. I rarely see anything about Las Vegas. No real deals to/from there or do you mainly focus on West Coast access. Thanks. Love the site.

    1. Hi Marty.

      Las Vegas has remained expensive, such that there’s little to report. We have the feeling there are good things in store for LV, however, in the near future….


  4. I’m looking for the cheapest flight plan to Kauai from either Little Rock or Dallas sometime during the first two weeks of October or the first two weeks of December 2018. I am a Bluegreen resorts owner and was planning on staying at the Pono Kai resort near Kapaa and then visit Oahu on the way back. Would appreciate the help since I got an email back from United Continental saying they couldn’t help me. That’s the thanks I get from them for the three years I busted my butt for them while going to college in ’83-’85 as a ramp rat (baggage handler) for Continental Airlines in Houston (IAH).

    1. Hi Marty.

      Way too early for December 2018. October will always be an easier and cheaper month to visit if that works for you. Dallas will be cheaper. You probably want to start looking in spring to summer 2018. Budget for about $600RT.



    WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!?! Take a deep breath and use some punctuation. Would make it a nicer experience for everyone involved.

    And last I checked, the Beat of Hawaii staff do not plan airline schedules. They can’t tell you when airlines will begin flights from PHL to KAUAI. They aren’t your travel agent, they aren’t your personal assistant. Why do you demand so roughly? “WHEN WILL YOU DO ____, WE ARE READY NOW”

    and if none of these points make sense to you…

  6. Hi Todd.

    Very high priced dates. Over $1,000 from either airport. Slightly better availability, pricing and connections from CLT.


  7. Hi Kaden,

    $478 on the nonstop, or just slightly less with a stop. Same price either day. Would go ahead and buy. Chance of improvement is quite small.


  8. Hi Vincent.

    There will never be direct flights between Philadelphia and Kauai – rest assured. As an alternative you might drive to New York (100 miles) and fly to Honolulu nonstop.


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