Hawaiian Airlines Airfare War | $280 RT

Hawaiian Airlines Airfare War | $140+ Each Way

Great news for Hawaii bound visitors today. There are now two carriers offering $140 airfares this spring between California and Hawaii. Who knows, there could be more before it is all said and done (in fact Delta lowered their SF to Maui flights to $375). This all started early today when we announced $280 Virgin America Hawaii deals.

We’re not sure when this may all come to an end. Virgin says it will be over tomorrow (29th) at 11:59pm PT. But bottom line is to act fast on these crazy cheap Hawaii deals.

If you’re ready for a spring vacation on Maui or Oahu, however, look no further. Don’t despair in case these sale dates or routes don’t work for you. We expect to see many more Hawaii airfare sales, especially from San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles airports. Also check Virgin America and Alaska Airlines, and subscribe to our free email updates so you’ll never miss a Hawaii deal.

Hawaiian Airlines Airfare War | $140+ Each Way

Airline: Hawaiian Airlines.


  • San Francisco to/from Honolulu
  • San Francisco to/from Maui

Fares and Availability: These are the lowest fares each way in these markets and are not available all or even most dates.

Use Hawaiian Airlines’ fare calendar to view fares and availability by month.

  • Maui $140 each way including all taxes/fees.
  • Honolulu $180 each way including all taxes/fees.

Travel and purchase dates:

  • Maui: From San Francisco best prices are April 12 through May 10. From Maui April 20 through May 11 . Purchase ASAP.
  • Honolulu: From San Francisco April 12 through 27. From Maui April 21 through May 11. Purchase ASAP.

32 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Airfare War | $140+ Each Way”

  1. Hi, I sent an email and have been waiting to see if it will be answered. I have not seen it posted so I am assuming you do not reply to all questions? If not, I certainly understand. I keep watching your site….we are still planning our trip 🙂
    Thank you,

  2. I’ve been trying to find a cheap flight from Phoenix to Kauai. They are always from LA or San Francisco. Do you know if they ever have great deals from Phoenix?

    1. Hi Denis,

      Unfortunately Phoenix is snot seeing very good deals to anywhere in Hawaii. It has been that way for some time and there’s no indication of any change ahead.


  3. I plan to flight from either San Jose or SF to Maui, July 30-august 7
    Do you think the air fare may get cheaper sometimes?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Ken,

      It might. First, it is already running $50-$100 cheaper than normal for those dates, which is great. Second if you can come and go one day later, price on Alaska nonstop from SJC is $603. Good deals now and possibility of as good or better ahead – but of course that is to be determined. If your dates are flexible, consider that $603.


  4. Hi, Thanks for the updates. If you have to fly from a New York area airport to CA before the Trans-Pacific flight, how much more should I expect to pay? Are there any deals for this leg of the trip and can you stop and stay over in Las Vegas, SF or LA for a night each way or does that disqualify you from the best discounted sale prices? Does Beat of Hawaii actually do the booking for airfare, hotels, etc. or are you solely a newsletter? Also, please tell me if you know of any contests or sweepstakes to Hawaii currently available and how I can learn of new contests/sweepstakes in the future either through your website or another website(s). Thank you in advance for any information and links. Aloha, Tony.

    1. Hi Tony,

      First, we’re just an online information source. We book nothing. Yes we occasionally publish Hawaii sweepstakes and if you subscribe to our email updates (https://beatofhawaii.com/subscribe/) you’ll receive deals and sweepstakes when we publish them. As far as your question about a stopover, it seems you’re asking if you can build in an overnight en route without breaking your through fare. That is definitely possible, and you’ll see when searching that some east coast to Hawaii flights will have a 30 hour duration (Alaska Airlines frequently has this). You end up overnighting in Seattle in that case. Or it could be in another city, just depending on the airline and its routing. Sorry we can’t help more but if you need help that’s something that a travel agent might be useful for – although you’ll have to pay for the help.


  5. Hi! I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for 4 years since my bratty * I live him to death* moved to Hawaii and he’s been able to come out here to California to visit with me and my husband . I really want to be with Alex and his husband whom u haven’t met. So I just know I am going to go! You as this website and bestofhawaii will make it happen!
    Thank YOU for making it possible to happen!
    I say this with love!
    Alex! Mike! Make room for 2 of us!!! Oxoxox
    Oh – traveling from San Francsiso to Honululu.
    I’m hoping for June 10 -15 2016?

  6. We are looking to travel to Hawaii November 17th -25th. There are 10 of us. I have been looking for reasonable airfares. We are flexible on where we can fly from. We live in Oklahoma.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Linda,

      For 10 people, please call the group sales department at the airlines directly. They should be able to help you out.


  7. Do you feel like there will be something coming for Kauai? We are in Salt Lake wanting to come to visit friends in Kauai in July?

    1. Hi Heather,

      Beautiful weather, great beaches – yes definitely. Better pricing? No that isn’t going to happen on that route in July unfortunately.


  8. Hello! Thank you for all the updates.

    We are taking our family to Kauai end of summer/early fall. (End of August/Sept.)
    From Salt Lake City.
    Do you expect to see awesome deals like this at that time?
    We are purchasing 5 tickets total, so I do wonder if it’s worth driving to LA and flying from there or if we will see prices from SLC with these deals. What are your thoughts?
    Thank you for the info!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Current prices on your route for late August are running $600 which has been about as low as SLC has been going recently. Drive to LA sounds onerous though and not sure if the cost savings will be worth it. Buy now or wait – it doesn’t look like it will change much either way.


  9. Should I continue to wait for cheaper flights? Multi-island Los Angeles to Kauai then on to Oahu end of June -early July

    1. Hi Christina,

      There could be better prices ahead (even in summer) to Oahu but probably not Kauai. Target price RT to Oahu is $600. Normal is $700’s.


  10. I’m seeing a lot of flight deals. Any tips on hotel deals?
    I’d love to stay in a hotel that might include some food and has a nice swimming area with water falls and slides- I’ll be with 2 children under 8.
    Any chance I can get into the Hyatt or something similar at a low cost?
    Travel dates are either now, week or April 3rd or (mostly likely) first week of August.
    Flights from SF/OAK to Hawaii. WE like Maui but are open to other relaxing islands.

    1. Hi Marjorie,

      Our focus is air travel primarily, not hotels. Hawaii accommodations are somewhat higher priced, and Hyatt isn’t going to be “low cost.” You can check their website or subscribe to their updates, or even call them. Meal included? Maybe a package with breakfast is possible. but that too won’t be cheap.

      Lastly, First week of August is high season. So you’re asking for higher costs on everything. You can expect reasonable (for that time of year) airfares thanks to the extreme competition from the bay area at least.


    2. Marjorie,

      We checked out VRBO.com to get a better price than the hotels plus saving on eating out for every meal since you’ll have your own kitchen. We’re doing a condo at Turtle Bay resort. Pools, golf, tennis courts and course access to the resort. Hope this helps.

  11. We’ve lived in Maui for a long time and haven’t seen it this low in years! We got 6 seats on Maui to SFO May 5-19 for $280 RT! Our tickets are on hold because we were hoping to see LAX deals – Do you think the LAX deals will be coming up in the next few days? Thank you!! =)

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