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5 Airlines Fight over LA Flights to Hawaii $199

5/7 update: This deal ended (for now) as we indicated would happen below. Prices returned to near $600. Did you take advantage of this sale that reduced prices over 30%? If so please let us know on comments below. If not, subscribe to our updates so you can jump on Hawaii deals as soon as we publish them.

Yesterday we were first to announce Virgin America Hawaii deals from Los Angeles as they marked the inauguration of flights to Honolulu. At that time we expected that Hawaiian Airlines would match the fare. By this morning, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines had also joined the ruckus, making it a 5-way competition resulting in fares down over 30% compared with prior prices.

We’ve been saying for a long time in our hallmark Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii that LA was about to be an intermittent roller coaster. Now the time has come. Not one of these airlines is giving up on either Hawaii in general or the Los Angeles to Hawaii market specifically. Why? It has been extremely lucrative for a long time both in cash and in burning frequent flyer miles, and they each hope to see that continue. Remember that these markets had been priced at $600 to $650 round trip.

Honolulu: For now the deals are in part limited to matching the offer from Virgin America, which is for fall travel. There is more availability now that there are five players.

Maui: In anticipation of new Virgin America LA to Maui flights coming next month, fares are already trending down in that market to $458 round trip for fall.

Stay tuned for more deals, probably not entirely unlike what have seen with San Francisco. We’re also looking for the possibility of somewhat reduced prices for peak summer travel.

Route on sale today:

  • Los Angeles to/from Honolulu $199 each way.
  • Los Angeles to/from Maui $229 each way.

Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines to/from Honolulu. Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines to/from Maui (watch for others to participate later).

Travel and purchase dates: Travel starting early September through early November, excluding weekends. Travel starting either in Los Angeles, Honolulu or Maui. Purchase by today, May 6 at 9:59 pm. We expect to see these offers initially end tonight then be reoccurring.

Fares and Availability: Good availability at time of publishing. Not all days or flights.

Notes: If these dates don’t work for you, we expect to see many more Hawaii deals from Los Angeles. Also check Alaska Airlines from San Diego, and subscribe to our free email updates for the latest Hawaii travel deals.


22 thoughts on “5 Airlines Fight over LA Flights to Hawaii $199”

  1. Looking to take the family from Utah – Oahu – Big Island and back to Utah in that order in Mid-October. Finding a deal for about $634 for this trip flying to from the islands on a Tuesday with an inter-island flight on a Friday. With it not being a true round trip ticket, does that sound like a good deal or should we wait.

    1. Hi David,

      What we’re seeing today is about $600 plus inter-island on Delta, nonstop outbound and one-stop return.


        1. Hi David,

          Sorry we missed that part. 🙂 It’s about average for that time of year. Gut call is to wait since availability won’t be an issue and prices are more likely to come down rather than go up. Not a lot mind you, but maybe by $50-$100. So if it is less stressful to buy now and not look back, that’s good too.


  2. Hi. I plan to travel from Detroit to Oahu at the end October 2016. Do you think more deals will open up before then, and is it cheaper to buy separate flights from Detroit to the West Coast and then to Oahu or to buy one flight with stops? I assume nonstop is the most costly. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shannon.

      Separate tickets without a real stopover are problematic with regards to missed connections, baggage checking and security. There are no non stop flights. Best pricing with good connection is on Delta at about $830. Suggest waiting; look for target price of $750 or less.


  3. Aloha! Unfortunately I missed out on yesterday’s deal, but from what you’ve shared, I think more deals will happen soon. I’m curious if you think there will be and deals from the LA area to The Big Island? My husband and I are planning to visit Kona in late October/early November, prices still seem to be pretty high during that time frame. Or, would it be cost-effective to fly into HNL and catch an inter-island flight to KOA? Mahalo!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Usually the airlines have it all wired so that you don’t save much by flying to HNL first. But not always, so good idea and keep watching for that possibility. Kona is not very competitive with prices at about $600 and there’s nothing new which is likely to change that. But prices could and should subside somewhat – may up to $100 if you wait. Definitely do not rush on this.


  4. Do you think there will be any deals to LIH from LAX for Sept. 16 – 21 ?
    Looks like they are stuck at $674

    1. Hi Doon.

      Hard to say. LIH isn’t going to be getting any real deals this year. On the other hand, suggest waiting a couple of months as it can’t get worse, and it could get better. 16th isn’t great though – better deals if you travel on 15th.


    2. Hi Doon.

      Not really any deals. Perhaps some moderation however, so suggest waiting with a target in mind of $500’s. No rush for those dates.


  5. Aloha! We’ve been following your updates for the past three months and are trying to book a flight from NYC to Lihue on August 20th. Fares are still $1,000 and up — Hawaiian Airlines is closer to $1500.

    Would you recommend buying now at $1,000 or waiting a few more weeks?

    We would really appreciate your advice.

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Linda,

      On Hawaiian lower prices ($895) start 8/29. Those dates will probably move earlier if you wait. They won’t cover the Saturday travel as you are wanting however. Flights on 8/20 are about $1,000 RT on Hawaiian (depending on your return date). Best prices will remain Monday through Thursday with a slight increase on Sundays.


      1. We appreciate the quick response. We will keep checking for the next few weeks and consider flying on Thursday. Good advice!


        1. Hi Linda.

          Thank you. Keep in mind that in this game the airlines are counting on us not having patience. You may need to wait this out for more than a few weeks. 🙂


  6. Westcoast to Maui question. Would you expect that fares will stay very high for Thanksgiving week? Thank you.

    1. hey just looked at lax to maui , could not fine one airline at $229.00 each way, whats up…….

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