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Flights to Hawaii from LA and SF $189+ | Thru December 9

Updated 4/27/16. Some of the deals from Bay Area airports are still on! Check Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines fare calendars for updated availability and prices.

More Hawaii deals released today from California. Now including June travel plus dates until early December! Some weekends are available too. Travel this spring, summer and fall! Here’s another chance to lock in good prices early, with many travel dates available.

Fares returned to inaugural prices on San Francisco flights to Hawaii. Read on for dates by route.

Until recently these now competitive west coast markets were priced at $600 RT and more. So if you’re ready for a spring, summer or fall vacation on Maui or Oahu, look no further and read on for the details.

If you’re planning a peak summer vacation from mid-June through mid-August there’s good news too. Fares are running up to $150 less than normal from the Bay Area and that “might” still happen for Los Angeles too.

Airlines: Primarily Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines. Also check American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

Routes on sale today (note these dates have changed. Check airline fare calendars for updates):

  • San Francisco Bay Area to/from Honolulu $189+ each way. Best prices ($10 cheaper from SJC) May 2 – June 13 and August 22 – December 8 (except Thanksgiving).
  • San Francisco Bay Area to/from Maui $199+ each way. Best prices May 2 – Jun 13 and August 212 – December 8 (except Thanksgiving).
  • Los Angeles to Maui $244+. Best prices April 19 to June 13. and September 7 – December 9 (except Thanksgiving).
  • Los Angeles to Honolulu $248. Best prices May 3 to May 31. and September 7 – October 30.

Travel and purchase dates: Travel dates vary by route and airline, starting May 2. Mostly mid-week travel with some weekend days just slightly higher. Purchase as quickly as possible as these on-again off-again sales will end soon.

Fares and Availability: Fares listed are the lowest fares in the markets and are not available all dates/flights. Use airlines’ flexible date search to view fares and availability by month.

If these dates don’t work for you: We definitely expect to see more Hawaii airfare sales from San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles airports. Also check Alaska Airlines from San Diego, and subscribe to our free email updates for the latest Hawaii travel deals.

43 thoughts on “Flights to Hawaii from LA and SF $189+ | Thru December 9”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been looking at airfares from SFO to Maui and have seen the fares go down via Hawaiian to $768 last week and now back up to $830 for their round trip legs at the end of July. Unfortunately, my dates are not flexible and will need to fly out on a Saturday and back on the Sunday after. Do you think that there is a chance of the fare dropping again? I booked around the same time last year and once I booked my flight, the fare dropped two days after!

    Thank you and look forward to you thoughts on this.


    1. Hi Sophia,

      Not sure what dates, but if 7/23 to 7/31 for example (Saturday through following Sunday) then $659 to $736 depending on airline. Yes the bay area is very volatile so summer discounts are more possible than with other cities. Your travel days of course are working against you, which somewhat mitigates the bay area benefits. Thus hard to predict.


  2. Aloha!
    Thanks for all the awesome info!! My Ohana and I are trying to find the best deal from Phoenix to Kona in the first part of June. We are watching the prices… do you see it dropping soon?
    Mahalo for any info!

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