15 Ways to Hit Reset After a Long-Awaited Hawaii Vacation

15 Ways to Hit Reset With a Long-Awaited Hawaii Vacation

How do you recover from a much-delayed Hawaii vacation while keeping that vacation feeling going? Our top suggestions below are followed with many ideas added by visitors.

Numerous studies have been published that seek to evaluate the effects of vacation on health and well-being including this one from the Journal of Occupational Health. Virtually all have found that vacation has a positive impact in a number of areas. This study points out, however, that the effects can be (painfully) short-lasting, as well as more research in the area is needed.

Another survey sponsored by Kellogg’s studied 500 American women age 45 and older who just returned from vacation. We’re not sure where the men were in the study. While the results indicated that more fiber and Kellogg’s products could help, we thought the results were interesting:

  • 71 percent of women 45 and older said they have felt tired, bloated, or heavy post-vacation;
  • 56 percent agreed they don’t always feel rejuvenated after the break; and
  • 46 percent said being on, or returning from vacation makes them feel sluggish.

After the past couple of years, for many, the time has come to say “enough is enough” and to start self-care by enjoying a Hawaii vacation. Taking time off is important, and good for both mental and physical health, and makes us more effective when we return.

1. Stress reduction. The American Psychological Association said that vacations help eliminate stress by removing ourselves from our everyday environment and activities.

2. Heart health. Multiple studies have spoken to the benefits to heart health from vacation.

3. Increased productivity. Just how long can we keep going and still perform at peak levels? Studies have shown that there is a correlation between taking vacation time and overall job performance. And the better you perform, the happier you are.

4. Restful sleep. Vacations help remove the clutter of our minds. Lack of sleep equates with being less alert and all that entails. Vacations can be a great way to reset bad sleep habits.

While we don’t have any scientific data to include, the following are four common-sense suggestions on how to recover from your Hawaii vacation and continue to incorporate that island state of mind.

1. Be rested before the trip to Hawaii.

If you’re tired before and during the vacation, you’ll probably feel worse when you return home. Give yourself the day off from work before traveling to Hawaii. Be packed ahead of time so the last day is not as stressful. Chances are this will make your vacation more relaxed and help you feel refreshed at the end.

2. Pace yourself on arrival back home.

It’s been a long flight with a time change. Keep activities the first day easy. Make sure you’ve scheduled a day off from work before returning. Give yourself time to ease back into your life, look at trip photos, unpack and catch up with family and friends. Without this, you’re almost guaranteed a pressure cooker result.

3. Resume exercise on return.

Exercise is always something to include in a vacation. Getting back to an exercise routine at home is just good sense, albeit difficult.

4. Keep vacation reminders at hand.

You’re going to have post-vacation blues and miss the islands. Wear an aloha shirt, listen to Hawaiian music, do things that remind you of your blissful time away. This may be a good time to start planning your next trip.

5. Share your Hawaii experiences with others.

Whether online or in person. That’s a great way to bring your love of Hawaii and your vacation experiences back to life again.

Here are many helpful suggestions from our readers:

If you have other suggestions for our list be sure to let us know in the comments below. First, here are some ideas from other readers:

6. GL: We created photo calendars for our family for Christmas that included lots of Maui pictures, and I made a family photo book, and enlarged photos of the kids jumping at Mt. Haleakala!

7. Colleen: We still listen to our slack key guitar CD and look at our photos from our trips and have several displayed – our trips to Hawaii were a true pleasure and of all our travels – the islands are some of our very favorite. Not only the beauty, weather and culture – but we love the Aloha Spirit – the Hawaiian people – this special blend can be found no where else.

8. Billy: Route yourself via California if flying from the east. You can get off the plane, walk around , and rehydrate, and eat.

9. Renee: I look at my photos on the computer and then order prints and look at them a lot!

10. Grant: 5. Start working on the next trip. My wife and I fight the “island blues” from the minute we get home until we land at HNL again. I have Aloha Friday at our office but it isn’t quite the same. Last week I added a new cell phone with an 808 area code just to have some Aloha.

11. Connie: Or you can hop back on a plane to Hawaii, and stay there like we will! LOL

12. RJ: To avoid all the post vacation blues, just move here (and don’t forget that aloha spirit).

13. Honey: We already have 3 weeks in Hawaii planned for next May. That’s my favorite way to recover!

14. David: This is a great list wherever you vacation. Thanks for starting it. I see so many vacationers come to Kauai and practically kill themselves trying to cover all of the activities in the few days they are here. I’ve lived here 16 years and still find new things to do. If you overextend yourselves while you are on vacation, you are bound to feel exhausted when you get back home. Th softness and healing energies of Kauai are more important and rejuvenating than the extreme activities that are available here. Have some body work. Do a yoga or tai chi class. Lie on the beach and soak up the essence of Kauai. Stay away from the traffic as much as possible. Finally, give yourself a day or two to rest when you return.

15. Elinora: I have, over the years, bought some lovely original art on my visits to Hawaii (as well as other places). I have my Hawaii pieces hanging in my bedroom and in my bathroom (not sure why there, but it makes me happy to see it in the morning when I’m getting ready for work). Reminds me of what a good time I had, and to make arrangements for another visit to the islands!

6 thoughts on “15 Ways to Hit Reset With a Long-Awaited Hawaii Vacation”

  1. I have been trying for two years to get to Hawaii and have done so much research and I have decided I would like to stay for three months To truly get the opportunity to visit the many beautiful islands so I am trying to find a month-to-month rental or a sublease if anybody has any ideas please let me know we tried craigslist but got scammed twice. We will be coming May June July this year.

    1. Airbnb has worked for us multiple times. Beware of apartments not in legal zones, as you could lose your arraingement easily. Waikiki is a good place for the night life, but be sure to get a place that includes parking if you are renting a car as parking is outrageous.

  2. These ideas are great! I get serious post vacation blues but that’s when I start planning our next trip which helps. Hawaiian music helps but can also make me feel sad. I love the feeling of anticipation before our vacation to Hawaii so when that’s over it’s natural and normal to feel sad. Hawaii is such a special place. It’s harder to leave each time. We’re starting to look at property. I want more Hawaii!

  3. Know what to expect regarding your budget before you go so that you are not facing a much larger than expected CC bill when you get home. Be aware of all the fees and taxes. If you rent a condo or home and expect to buy groceries, you may have sticker shock.We just got home from the BI on Monday. Groceries are outrageous (more than usual). EX: jar of Helman’s mayo was on sale for $10.99. A pint of Heavy Whipping Cream almost $12.00. First time ever eating out was almost cheaper than eating in.

  4. Download Aloha Joe Radio app and listen to it whenever you can. You can send requests to him as well. We have it playing in the bedroom when packing and unpacking, in the car to and from Hawaii, and even on the plane if you wish. BTW stopping in LA to go to Disneyland for a day is a great decompression. Plus it reduces jet lag.

    1. Update: you can now use the onlineradiobox app to hear live Hawaiian stations like FM 105 KINE (“Da Kine”). For awhile you couldn’t hear Hawaiian music stations on the mainland. For some silly reason they blocked it (probably royalty dispute).

      Also during this unpredictable time, I would recommend trip insurance in case you need to cancel. I’ve never used it, but now is a time I would buy it.


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