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33 thoughts on “After Two Fires in 100 Years | Banyan Tree Maui Remains In “Coma””

  1. I am praying for the tree.I visited the tree 7 years ago.Hoping to visit the tree again.Both myself and the tree are both struggling to make it.

  2. We have been visiting Maui since 1998. We Always spend time in Lahaina because we love the town, the people, and the businesses there. This fire has saddened us deeply, and our family hopes for a positive recovery that retains the Hawaiian culture. We are so pleased to hear that the banyan tree may be a point of light in the survival of the Lahaina. We will return, just as we expect Lahaina Town and the banyan tree will return. -Just a family in Clovis, California.

  3. My husband was in the Navy in the 60’s. He was stationed there in Hawaii for his duration! Years and years later, we went on a cruise and one of the ports was Lahaina, he had many memories there, we were sitting on a bench and he said I carved my initials in that tree. He went over to look and found them!!! We were both shocked, and elated to find them. I took a picture and we talked about all his memories! He is gone now, but i was so scared the tree was burned down!! Thankfully it didn’t, so my memories are in tact. Thank you, I hope to someday come and visit that tree again in Lahaina.

  4. I was lucky enough to be sitting under the Lahaina Banyan tree talking story with a kamaina and he pointed to some children playing and said these were his grandchildren. That was my most cherished memory of the trip. I’m worried for the tree and the local people.

  5. I saw the banyan tree for the first time in January. While there I walked around, meditated inside one of the trunks, and drew pictures. The potential survival of this amazing tree represents our ability to do enough to stop the “age of fire” in the islands.

  6. I share April 24th birthday with the banyon tree…over the years I have been in Maui to celebrate. My heart is with this beautiful tree and all who are hurting…sending blue light for the speedy recovery from this tragedy.
    Forever a part of our history, we will never forget!

  7. We visited Maui in 2015 and loved the sight of the Banyan tree in full bloom. It is so beautiful and I pray it will come out of its coma alive and well. Thank you all for taking care of this magical tree.
    Louise & Tony D, Florida residents.


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