Any Advice on TSA Enhanced Screenings?

I’ve been following all of the updates on the new TSA screenings in preparation for my air travels next week. Yesterday Arthur Frommer wrote about his recent exposure to the “enhanced” pat down.

“The grope…was about as sexual as a doctor’s use of a stethoscope, as invasive as a child’s game of tag. It was over in 90 seconds…” –Arthur Frommer

I’ve only experienced the hi-res full nude scanners here in Hawaii. While definitely an issue for some, the TSA Blog reports that over the past holiday weekend, major airport screening delay times were minimal. I also noted that the recent “opt-out day” did not materialize.

On the other hand, a new lawsuit filed by two Harvard Law School students claims both scans and pat downs are unconstitutional. And some of the viral YouTube videos I’ve watched of the procedures are both graphic and unappealing.

If you’ve had the enhanced pat down, what are your impressions?

Some TSA updates you may or may not know about

  • You do not need to remove small computers like I carry (including tablets, netbooks and e-readers) from your carry-on.
  • TSA has a mobile application which includes GPS enabled airport status updates.
  • Snow globes are not permitted in your carry-ons, but pies are. :-). There’s much more for your safety and entertainment contained in TSA’s Holiday Travel Tips.


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4 thoughts on “Any Advice on TSA Enhanced Screenings?”

  1. Recently flew from Sal Lake City. Had the scan. Piece of cake. What its all the hubub about? Are people out there getting that many x-rays or \other\ medical procedures that you can’t take a two second scan? Leave your bombs and other illicit materials at home and have a nice vacation!

  2. gotta love you can at least take pie! 🙂 Should make for interesting flying when I travel next…with the metal plate in my arm! Oh well…better than terrorists taking over the plane in my opinion…

  3. My mother recently experienced the “enhanced patdown” ex-HNL. She said she was touched by the screener in places only her husband has touched! It was quite upsetting to her and me for that matter.

    Afterwards we went to the Supervisor’s podium for a complaint form, which he spent a great deal of time trying to find. This is a typical delay tactic they use when you ask for one. The TSA claims few complaints are made about it. They don’t mention that they make it nearly impossible to get a complaint form and many people aren’t even aware they can ask for a complaint form or they don’t have the time to wait around while the Supervisor takes a long time to find one.

    If you are a woman, don’t wear a skirt.

    If you have metal in your body, i.e. plates, screws, hip or knee replacement that will alarm the walk through metal detector. Be prepared for the worst.

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