Will Videos Instructing Maui Visitors On Aloha Help?

Updated: Baffling Maui Travel Advice Just Released By State of Hawaii

The most recent directives continue to leaves Maui visitors unclear. That’s resulted in an 80% drop in arrivals.

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241 thoughts on “Updated: Baffling Maui Travel Advice Just Released By State of Hawaii”

  1. With much Disdain towards the Hawaiians that have been attempting to chase tourists and Vacationers away from all of the State of Hawaii, not only the Island County of Maui, has anyone actually considered that the online presence are only a tiny, immature, amount of Hawaiian Residents? Even those who are telling, even threatening at times, to Stay Away from Maui are probably not from Maui, rather the same people demanding tourists stop visiting Oahu or the Big Island. Maybe these people are some that have moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas, Oregon, or Washington State. How do we know for certain? I am a “Transplant” from where I initially was born and spent many years, our Family had well over 200 years in that area. I would Never attempt to keep people away from there so that I would Feel Better about it, or Ridiculous Fantasies of reclaiming it. There’s more afoot in all of this, for the Most Part pandering on the Suffering and Loss of those on Maui. I truly Pray for those of Maui, recovering from this will not be easy or enjoyable, satisfaction of rebuilding their lives is the thing that may bring them some joy and togetherness in the end. Let the Haters and Neighsayers play their games to the Detriment of Themselves!

  2. There a few locals on this message board that continue to spew garbage and guilt for anyone planning to visit. My family and I are wrapping up our 10 day stay today. Maui residents and locals need tourist. My resort is down to 17% occupancy. Employees are loosing hours and in some cases being laid off altogether. No one was rude or otherwise during our stay. They treated us with all the respect and dignity we deserved. They were so happy that we made the trip. For all those reading, please don’t cancel your trips.


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