16 thoughts on “Centipede in Hawaii: I Was Stung Today”

    1. Hi Linda,

      Repeated pounding with something hard like a shoe, brick or whatever works best (and is the least cruel). They are not easy to kill.


  1. My kids just woke me up in a panic, and they discovered a 6 inch centipede, man those things are ugly… we killed it (of course it put up a fight) and Now the kids dont want to go to bed its 2 a.m. Hopefully I wont ever be a member of the club, thats one Hawaiian experience that I dont need to have =)

  2. I joined the SBACC last year. I visited the Big Island and worked in a garden clearing brush. When I left for the mainland I placed my gardening clothes in a plastic bag. One week later at 3 Am in the morning I was awoken by something moving across my neck and shoulder heading down my left arm, when I realized something was crawling on me I felt the pain of a bite on my upper arm. When I got the light on It was a 7″ centipede. It had to have been in my gardening clothes and I brought it back in my baggage. Could not go back to sleep for the rest of the night!

  3. I’m not a member, but….. we had one in our condo that we stayed at in Kauai. It was about 8 inches long and really fat! It was in the over flow drain in the bathroom sink. He came crawling out when my husband was brushing his teeth. Thank goodness it wasn’t me that found it!

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