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44 thoughts on “Do You Trust Any Hawaii Tour After Ocean Stranding Lawsuit?”

  1. If the company had done its Due Diligence this would not have happened. I wouldn’t be rushing out to pay a company to take me snorkeling or scuba diving any time soon, I am already paying an arm and a leg to be in Hawaii for vacation, I don’t want it to cost me the rest of my body. A Rating is only as good until there’s a mistake, then the Rating takes a hit. I just don’t want to be that hit!

    1. Ernie, maybe snorkeling with just only one arm and leg isn’t the safest thing for you anyway. Safer for you to stay at the bar for pupus and mai tais! Just sayin’…

  2. Aloha BOH,

    Please post an update after this case settles in court. Thanks for writing about this very interesting (and pretty shocking) incident. We cannot imagine being left behind in the ocean by a tour company!

  3. We have been doing these type of tours for years and they always give specific instructions on how far away from the boat you’re supposed to go, and not to exceed that distance. Always seems that there are people who don’t obey the rules and go out on their own “adventure”. Now this tour company is going to pay the price.

    1. And they should pay the price. One does not abandon two human beings in open ocean a half mile offshore because they didn’t follow the “rules.”

  4. While this may have been traumatic to this couple, they were fortunate to have been so close to shore. I’m an experienced swimmer who just swam a half mile in somewhat rough waters this morning off the downtown Kona pier. I estimated the mild swells to be 2 to 3 feet. There were occasional whitecaps. It wasn’t too bad. I am 75 and only swim with goggles unlike this younger couple who had fins with masks ands snorkels. I can’t imagine their water was any rougher than that. But ultimately the Captain and crew we’re responsible for being sure everyone should have returned to dock. After the accident in Australia when I dove the Great Barrier Reef in 2015 there, the captain had several diver counts on the boat.

    1. I find it very interesting that “some people” would find defensive positions to justify leaving 2 people stranded in the ocean, would they say the same thing if it were them? Thankfully they made it to shore and eventually to where they were going, kind words for the deeds of strangers! Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again, in reality all that it takes is a distraction or desire to be back quicker and then it happens again.

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