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Do’s And Don’ts in Hawaii Now | 10 Takeaways

From deadly u-turns and driving directions to shoes, clothes and language, we’ve got you covered with these dos and don’ts in Hawaii.

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39 thoughts on “Do’s And Don’ts in Hawaii Now | 10 Takeaways”

  1. I always caution people about the u turn thing. I was once caught in traffic going north of Kapaa(past the crawl) and later found out an elderly lady was driving with her husband and she made a sudden u turn and she got T-boned. The husband survived but alas, she did not. Also, stop and ask a local for directions instead of relying on the phone. You might just meet someone you would never have otherwise! There’s basically only one highway. Great article as always, Mahalo

  2. One more suggestion for the list: Don’t honk your horn when driving! In Hawaii, it’s taken as a very aggressive and rude thing to do. Put your brain in zen mode when behind the wheel, be patient, and focus on how beautiful your surroundings are if you have to wait for someone to move.

    Thanks to BoH for the great tips!

  3. Tip #11:
    When on the Kona side of the Big Island, turn Locations ON on your phone and Google County/State parks. Finding a restroom available for public use is difficult unless you’re at Target, Walmart, Safeway, or Costco. Most businesses(aside from dining in restaurants), & gas stations won’t let anyone use their restrooms. Majority of businesses are experiencing a severe crunch of employees and and are unable to constantly sanitize restrooms. Save yourself the misery and know where to go.

  4. On Maui at the airport, at the agriculture check they always ask “Where are you headed?”
    Almost always people say “the States”. They say “You are in the States” and laugh.

  5. “Aloha clothing is great and common, just not typically in matched family sets.”

    A true classic.

    Thanks BOH guys. I’ll remember that one.

  6. Aloha! It’s dos and don’ts, as the words are not possessive. Another Don’t is Don’t Honk! It’s rude!

  7. I live here and call the mainland “the States,” because we share almost nothing with them. We on our own timezone, own weather, own culture, own geography, own attitude, own aloha, own driving style and much, much more. Nothing wrong with calling the “the States” and people there don’t seem to mind.


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