Guy Fieri Honolulu Gem Review: Superb $15 Seafood Lunch

Guy Fieri Honolulu Gem Review: Superb $15 Seafood Lunch

One of the best seafood restaurants and places to eat in Honolulu, is also a top deal with fresh caught fish.

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21 thoughts on “Guy Fieri Honolulu Gem Review: Superb $15 Seafood Lunch”

  1. All can recognize those who came before them, the original founders of Hawaii Regional Cuisine (1991) from Sam Choy, Roy Yamaguchi, Peter Merriman, Along Wong, Bev Gannon, Amy Ota, Roger Dikon, Gary Strehl, Chef Mavro, Phillips Padovani, Jean-Marie Josselin to the late Mark Ellman. Bon Appetite and a hui Hou.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ve never heard of Nico’s. It’ll be one of my first stops once I land in HNL in just a few weeks. Aloha.


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