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Hawaii Advises Against “Visitor-Only” Fees + May Be Illegal

Hawaii’s UHERO has just come out swinging as it advises “against a fee” that targets only tourists.

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29 thoughts on “Hawaii Advises Against “Visitor-Only” Fees + May Be Illegal”

  1. Mahalo for the interesting article. My two cents, if Hawaii needs money look at the property tax structure. A three million dollar home on Maui has a $9000/year property tax. Our tiny one bedroom vacation rental condo on Maui is taxed at $6000 a year. The three million dollar home is not likely owned by a local, why the “low” taxes. In comparison, a million dollar home in Seattle probably has a $9000/year property tax bill. I don’t get it.

    I’m not saying raise the property taxes on middle class people that live in Hawaii, I’m saying look at these low tax rates given to some of these expensive homes, that’s where they should be trying to get money.

    Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. I am totally against the fee!

  2. May be illegal? Imagine if every state imposed a “visitor fee” each time a person crossed the state line or arrived at an airport. The nation’s interstate commerce would come to a standstill. Sorry Hawaii, you’re just going to have to come up with another way to fleece the tourists.

  3. Tourism is Hawaii’s main industry. That’s what the state has fostered over many years. To tax tourists only is unfair and counterproductive. If you’re going to tax, tax everyone.


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