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33 thoughts on “Hawaii Airports Officially On Overwhelm And What To Do”

  1. Hi Marcia, I have read the choo choo comments and didn’t find anything that would violate the policy. Unfortunately people find Offense in many things, that’s more Personal. Oauh has their own debacled choo choo that “Had” a completion time frame of October 2023 to Summer of 2024, not to mention where the “Funding” would come from. So much for that! Can hardly wait to see the Price to ride when it’s finished. That may be quite Offensive.

  2. How about limit tourists coming here moving forward it’s not fun for either us residents or them to have so many people in one place

  3. Hi Michael you do make some good points in what you’ve said, a few tourists who feel “Privileged” by their upbringing that disregard warning signs will occasionally pay with their life, but it You that ultimately suffer. Lineage proven Hawaiians, and to a lesser extent others, Benefit in Many Ways that aren’t being talked about. The neighsayer’s of Tourism aren’t from that group, so who are they really? Malcontents are vocal but relatively few. After a while they become buzzing annoyances. Tourist Dollars are needed and Should Be Sufficient to provide for many projects, look to the Elected for Excuses why it’s Not! Help Hawaii Help Itself!

  4. Big Island TSA is one of the worst in the country. Their ‘policies’ are arbitrary and not consistent with other Hawaii or mainland airports. Some of the TSA personnel are militant and rude.

  5. I had to fly Hawaiian air from maui to honolulu to pick up my delta flight to mainland what a racket long lines a mile long and this was June 24th took 45 minutes get to agent to check my bag good thing got there early if not I would have missed my flight

    1. And why you all think Hawaii TSA lines are longer than any other airport, is hillarious, shows you’ve been nowhere except in your bubbles


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