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121 thoughts on “Hawaii Asks All Visitors To Leave Maui (Updated)”

  1. Hawaiian islands are small & don’t have many resources, without animals (meat other than fish ) & food crops being imported, the islands are not self sustainable , everything must be imported, so without airports, cruise ships, hotels, Hawaiian islands would be extremely poor financially, so to have an attitude against tourism, it’s like biting the hand that feeds you , be grateful that tourists want to visit an island 🏝️

  2. I think you got this wrong. West Maui is closed but other parts of Maui isn’t. Maui still needs tourism for their economy.

  3. We (4 of us), have had our trip planned since March and were counting down the days until we could leave to go to your beautiful state that GOD so graciously gave you. We have reservations at Napili Kai resort. Our trip is for 10 days and will be from Oct. 14th to Oct. 23rd.
    We don’t know what to do! Some are saying please come and support us and our businesses, and some are saying to stay away.
    We definately do not want to be disrespectful in any way and we do understand the devistation everyone is facing.
    Please help us decide what to do! We don’t want to be in the way by any means, but we also want to help contribute to your fragile economy.
    Please reply to the email address provided. Thank you and may God bless and be with you all!!!

  4. Thank you so much for trying to clarify travel recommendations. I have family in Kihei and am hoping to visit in November. Between conversations with them and updates from you I should be able to make the best decision possible when the time comes. In the meantime my heart and prayers are with the people of Maui. You have Ohana here❤️

  5. I had a seat on AA from HNL to LAX, departing Thu Aug 10. I tried both online (chat) and in-person to give my seat to someone trying to get home. I could have delayed my trip.

    No interest from AA, their Hawaii travel advisory only listed OGG.

    Fri or Sat they added HNL to their advisory.

    There were a long list of standby passengers hoping for a seat to LAX.

    Sad. I would have been happy to help someone get off island sooner.

    No matter what they were experiencing in Dallas, the HNL station manager could have been aware of the situation.

    Wishing all well, and may you find comfort soon to those who have lost homes, property or loved ones.

  6. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Maui, first responders and tourists that had to evacuate. I will always have fond memories of our time spent there. Such a beautiful and magical place. ❤️🙏❤️

  7. Maui residents please consider allowing island architects to develop a master plan using 1 billion from the feds, 200 million from Ford Foundation, 100 Million from the state, 200 million from Bishop Estate to jump start a 3 year recovery plan for Lahaina.

    Insurance money will dribble in but instead of rebuilding and risking more fires, why not accept a master plan that encourages land swaps, smaller hotels and more activities.
    Someone the caliber of Stephen Mechler could dream up a new oasis that might attract even more tourists to lush island flora and fauna amid boutique shops selling one of a kind artistic creations as well as the usual island knick knacks.

    The Coast guard needs to assess how to rescue islanders since there are onlly 13 fire trucks for 3 islands.

    Maybe the state will have to set up a captive mortgage co.

    They lost their library so perhaps a modern library like the one in Plano Texas or the Temecula CA, might be in order.

    Get the military to sell off 20,000 acres and donate that money to rebuilding.

    Ellison should buy Lanai and Maui new state of the art trucks and perhaps a massive pumping station that uses salt water to extinguish fires within 3000 feet of the beach can be explored.



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