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113 thoughts on “Hawaii “Closed Without Notice” Signs Include Guy Fieri Find”

  1. Hi Gigi, your comment made me sit up and take notice. Only 2 possibilities really exist for that circumstance. The first being a lack of gas at the supplier which shouldn’t occur normally, however, in the current climate of our country I guess that Anything is possible. The second would be that there’s not enough Driver’s to keep up with the schedule, but with the systems reading the Tank the company should be responsive to the customer’s needs. This shouldn’t happen even in a depressed workforce environment. Just fill when in the area regardless of need, quicker and more efficient when time constraints are occurring. When things normalize then return to scheduled fills.

  2. Hi Marcia, I’m sure that there was some sort of Exodus to the Mainland, however, with the money that is being offered, coupled with hiring bonuses, and the knowledge of the amount of Tips that will be made many should have returned. Yes, Rents are contentious but compared to California it is in the ballpark. Something else is at work here,are people collecting extended unemployment benefits? That is where Employers need to step up and challenge them and a Return to Work Notice should take care of the problem. Excuses seem to be easy to get but none are sufficient.

    1. What extended benefits? They ran out here in CA long ago and we have the same issues. Something may be afoot but, notwithstanding what the republican leaders may say, people are not flush with money, unless they’re hiding it under their pillow.
      Perhaps you have a take on that.

  3. Hi Patrick, we had plenty of Full Time Workers then, Covid didn’t effect those anywhere near older Workers, many which were working part time and supplementing retirement income. These people demanded Higher Wages, that’s happened, yet most haven’t returned. What do they demand next and should they receive it? Heck No! Work or Lose whatever program you are using to stay out, that’s the Perfect Incentive.

  4. Hi Kathi E! Now is the Time to show those who Are Working the long hours, the Under Staffed Conditions, those who are Keeping Customers Happy Our Graditude, Genuine Appreciation and Thanks by Tipping Generously. Without Their Dedicated Work Ethics we wouldn’t be seated in the restaurant or in line for food, whatever the case. These people are Essential to their Employers and Us!

    1. This situation is true not just on Kauai. I’ve witnessed this happening on Maui and Oahu. And on the mainland. Also in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In big cities and small towns. Costs have skyrocketed, service has declined, and many businesses have closed. People are getting by without working or they have found another way to produce income. If all the missing workers have found better jobs or started their own businesses, good for them! But I don’t think that’s true. Handouts need to stop so people will work and become productive citizens again.

  5. We experienced this last Feb and March in Hanalei. We went one of our favorites, Kalypso’s, got the last parking spot in back and were feeling lucky. We walked and the place was empty. The owner was there and apologized saying he would open at 2:30. Unable to get staff to serve lunch! We went over to North Shore Cafe, not open until 4:30 PM. Sad. Chicken in Barrel had a long line. We went to Princeville

  6. Hi Ed D! Across the Country there are certain States that are allowing people to either Collect from Covid or loosened requirements to Collect Money and other Benefits from other programs allowing them to Not Seek Employment. Other States are Not allowing any of this. Keeping people on Any Programs when they are Able to Work is doing irreparable harm to the Country and People. Enough Already! Cut them off and get them to work.

    1. Hi Ernie, I don’t know how familiar you are with the unemployment situation here, but it’s not that easy to get and at times during the pandemic they were weeks behind in paying people so it’s highly unlikely people are sitting around on unemployment. Especially considering most people need multiple jobs to afford to live here.

    2. Have to wonder how many people that gave a thumbs down to this comment are the ones that prefer not working and like collecting these free handouts.

  7. We just got back from a trip to Maui and the Big Island. We ran into several cases where restuarants/cafes were closed unexpectedly or had limited hours. We also had times with limited menus that didn’t match their website. While it was disappointing to not be able to enjoy some of our favorite places, we didn’t let it take away from our amazing trip. I’m already planning my next trip back and can’t wait to return. I think the biggest take away for visitors is #5, Just relax and go with the flow. Thank you guys for an awesome website that allows me to connect with Hawaii when I can’t be there.

    1. Hi Matt.

      Thanks for your input. And the nice words. Good point – you’re in Hawaii, so sit back and enjoy no matter what.


  8. Jackie Rey’s in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island was unexpectedly closed at least one evening recently due to lack of LP gas for the kitchen. 😳

  9. Sad to see another coffee place close in Koloa! Loved that little joint owned by the twin brothers…was great coffee.

  10. As a local I run into this constantly. My theory to these unannounced closures is covid. We forget in our fatigue that COVID is still mutating and stalking our islands and world. A business would just close instead of announcing closure due to COVID. Once your cook in a small restaurant or a server finds out they are sick everyone is sick. Just a thought but this is happening all across the country. I just got back from 2:weeks on the mainland and same thing, unexpected closures,

    1. Chalking the closures up to Covid is one way to rationalize it, the other would be realizing that the Food Supply or Amount of Employees are lacking. Some people have equated the employee issues with a Bad Place to Work, Not Enough Pay and Benefits and things of that nature. How many people would really believe that you ran out of food? Unfortunately today Anything has become possible. It’s Time to force people back to work and get the Economy back, stop these Supply Issues and make America Whole Again.


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