Hawaii Vacations Are Back With A Unique Opportunity

Hawaii Vacations Are Back With A Unique Opportunity

We are getting many comments now confirming what our own eyes see. Visitors are returning to Hawaii. If you are one of them, please join our discussion about your experience. We overhear you talking about your testing experience when we are at Costco. And we see and feel your joy at returning to Hawaii in these challenging times. Your support of our local economy is helping all of us to do better.

What has changed?

One of the best parts right now, is that visitors are few enough that it is like having Hawaii to yourself – stepping back in time to something akin to decades ago. When you arrive, you will find a Hawaii unlike what you have seen before. While the iconic beaches are the same, the crowds are far fewer. This is truly a unique opportunity.

There will be noticeable changes. Some places have closed or plan to reopen later, events like Hanapepe Art Night are on hold, masks are required wherever you go, but the natural beauty remains the same and is even more accessible.

You may want to hold on to those Hawaii vacation plans.

For those of you willing to travel now through next spring, perhaps the best experience in decades awaits you. That includes upcoming airfare sales that will of course be widespread to get you flying again. We’re confirming that sub $100 airfares lie ahead.

Visitors report on current Hawaii vacations.

Truly just reported, ” I am currently in Kauai and having a wonderful time.”

Jan added, “We are over in Kona enjoying relatively uncrowded conditions here and the Aloha spirit is alive and well. Our testing prior to and again on arrival all went smoothly and we are feeling blessed to again be in the beloved islands again. Businesses are opening back up (about 50% of them) so there’s plenty of restaurants/bars to choose from and boutiques and shops to go into with masks of course. In reality, no one is wearing any masks at the beach except when walking back to their cars. The tour operators are working again with limited capacity and better safety precautions post-Covid.”

A new to Beat of Hawaii commenter Karen Z. shared, “We were staying at the Marriott Ko Olina and walked down to the beach to check out the chair situation and started talking to two of the young men working there. The one young man said 11/1 was their first day back and he thanked us for being there because if it weren’t for us he wouldn’t have his job. He was so happy to be back to work. Our entire stay was totally delightful and we were always treated well and we were out and about everyday eating and sightseeing. Hawaii was wonderful!!”

Kathleen I. just said, “We just got back from a lovely, restful Maui vacation… Kudos to Hawaiian Airlines for their social distancing and to all the airport workers for being helpful and patient as we navigated unfamiliar territory. We’re used to wearing masks so no big deal. Thrilled to be able to see family and relax on Maui again at last!!!”

And lastly, one of our most frequent commenters, John W. confirms, “As is evident here, plenty of pragmatic thoughtful people are having a great time in Hawaii. Hawaii is as beautiful as ever, some are enjoying a beautiful chain of islands as well as interacting with people that are happy they are here. Tourists that are respectful and caring about others are very appreciated right now during these difficult all times.”

Now it’s your turn. How is your stay going or how was your experience coming back to Hawaii? And if you aren’t here yet, what are your plans?


19 thoughts on “Hawaii Vacations Are Back With A Unique Opportunity”

  1. I visited Oahu in 2018 and loved it. I am waiting for an opportunity to come back and explore some of the other islands. Let me know when you are done with the mask mandate. That’s not my idea of paradise.

  2. Sure wish we knew when Hawaii was going to accept test done in Canada . So all the Canadians who property can come . All we here is what US citizens are supposed to do and there recommend test partners But nothing on Canada . I have emailed. The mayor of Maui with no response. When will Canadians be able to travel the the Hawaii. Governor or Senator of the Hawaii island can you please get involved in this discrimination of Canadians ..

  3. All of this has gone up in smoke with the new mandatory 14 day quarantine if your test results are even one minute late.

    Best strategy would be to fly Southwest and don’t book any lodgings. If your test results don’t make the deadline, you can cancel for a full refund or travel credit. If you are confirmed as able to leave the airport, book lodgings.

    Given the limited number of gamblers, there should always be last-minute lodgings available.

    I wonder what happens if your test results miss the deadline and you still fly. Where will you quarantine for 14 days? or will you be forced to stay in the airport and fly out as soon as possible?

  4. We were just on Kauai for a restful 10 days. For the most part we were welcomed back and folks let us know how glad they were for business trade. In Kilauea, The Bistro and Palate Wine Bar refuse entry for anyone who has been off-island until they have quarantined for 14 days. They say the policy applies to both tourists and locals. I understand their caution but honestly tourists are known to be negative because of testing. Denying entry to restaurants seems a little over-the-top. One tip for folks is make a reservation for restaurants. There are fewer choices and more people wanting tables.

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