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  1. So we are going to Maui soon. We are staying at a place with a full kitchen. I have looked at delta and it states we can bring food in our checked bag. With the price of groceries we are considering bringing some items in our checked bags. Can we bring food into Hawaii in our checked bag if Delta allows it?

    1. Yes, if you are arriving from the United States, you can bring food that’s cooked, canned, frozen, commercially processed and/or packaged. You cannot bring in citrus and pulpy fruits.

  2. Hi, very glad to hear that Hawaii is leading the way to protect our marine lives. Thank you for writing this article to explain this issue in detail. We are in Hawaii visiting for the whole month of July 2021. We noticed one major chain store is carrying sunscreens with these chemicals, in fact, these bottles comprise the bulk of their sunscreen inventory. Is there a way to report this to the official? How are the retailers monitored?

    1. Hi Ivy.

      Good question. we aren’t aware of what monitoring the state is actually doing on prohibited sunscreens. If someone else does, maybe they can give us a hand.


  3. SAFE TRAVEL HAWAII, Aloha folks. I have successfully landed on the Hawaiian Islands by following all the rules that each island stipulates. Since I am a guest, I would want to be welcomed warmly by the islanders, so why not agree to play by the rules? What is so hard to get tested within 72 hrs., practice filling out the SAFE TRAVELS, agree to any testing required upon landing? As a guest I am grateful that I am allowed to travel to these wonderful islands, and as part of the agreement, I will abide by their requests for safe travel. I didn’t find that any of the testing was invasive, I have my vaccination, and I want to travel safely and be welcomed wherever I visit. This seems to be the crux, we feel that our rights are being violated by testing, then wanting to get on a plane and land in paradise. It seems to be very simple, practice ALOHA, and ALOHA will happen.Thank you, Drew

    1. DREW C… Congratulations on your long-awaited trip! I agree with everything you say. (I remember your posts about practicing filling out Safe Travels!) I will, however, strongly disagree with you about “What is so hard to get tested within 72 hrs.” As I’ve said before, for us to get tested with Rapid Results assurance, we have to drive 7 hours and stay an extra day in our departure city. That’s not a “not so hard” situation. Coincidentally, this morning on my dog walk, I encountered a “park friend” who told me that one of their family had to back out of their recent trip to Oahu because, although everyone in the family had gotten tested at CVS at the same time, that one person’s test results didn’t come back until 24 hours too late! I’m glad it went easily for you but not everyone is that lucky!

      1. Hello Barbara,

        I went to Oahu in June, when the Covid tests were still required. It was easy for me to get the Covid test done, but I live in a large city so I get this is more difficult if you have to drive 7 hours to your departure city.

        What I did though was to schedule my test as close to the 72 hour max limit as possible – meaning if Monday at 9am was exactly 72 hours from my Thursday 9am departure, I scheduled my test for Monday at 10am. That way, if there was any sort of snafu on the lab’s part, there would still be enough time to allow for that to be rectified before my flight.

        At the airport (LAX), I did see rapid testing labs set up outside the airport terminal area, but I would never want to cut it that close with a full Hawaii trip on the line.

        As of July 8, visitors who are vaxxed on the mainland can now visit Hawaii without a Covid test or a quarantine. You do have to still register on the Hawaii State Travel website and have or create an account there in which you provide personal info like travel details, Covid tests results or vax information.

        Regarding that family that had to back out of a Hawaii trip because one result came back 24 hours too late, do you know how far in advance of their flight did they get tested? If one party’s lab results came back 24hours after the flight, it sounds like perhaps they may have waited until 1 or 2 days prior to their flight to take their tests. If so, cutting it that close may have worked for most of the party but not for the one outlier. And even if all their lab results didn’t come back in time, were there any rapid results labs options (it literally takes 20 minutes or less to get the result) either in your town or at the airport that could have saved the day? Regardless, it’s all water under the bridge now and I am sad for them.

  4. I would hope that airlines would have a handout for arriving passengers alerting them to this issue. Include it with the “invasive species” declaration that they handout before landing.

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