Honolulu Airport Gate Holds, Runway Work, Delays Wreak Havoc

The Reef Honolulu Airport Runway: 45 Years Of Hawaii Magic

Iconic Hawaii aviation. A unique experience you’ll probably never forget. We haven’t. The Reef Honolulu Airport runway rocks.

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23 thoughts on “The Reef Honolulu Airport Runway: 45 Years Of Hawaii Magic”

  1. Ya, so your “reef runway” is so
    like, extra cool?!?! -Well, – , – ,
    I’d hafta agree. . . . Butt,, Y
    do flts from mainland cruise
    over E Oahu, whip a quickie right
    180, an cruise down to 8L rather
    than cruise in W of Aulani, turn E,
    an go straight in?? Haw? Doya kno?
    Well, haw, doya?!?!
    Love ❤️ the site, muy mahalo’s.

  2. The Honolulu reef runway was/is an atrocious Project. Poorly designed and never met expectations. Built for one reason … federal money was available. Spend it or lose it. Ditto H3. Ditto Hart. Daniel Inouye brought those funds to Hawaii. Yea! And we totally wasted them.

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