Hawaii Fails To Make 2023 Conde Nast Traveler Popular Destination List

Avoid Sold Out Signs + 12 Other Hawaii Travel Problems

Bites and sunburn to avoiding availability issues on the ground. Steer clear of all these Hawaii travel problems.

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28 thoughts on “Avoid Sold Out Signs + 12 Other Hawaii Travel Problems”

  1. I would add “If there is no one else swimming don’t go in”!
    Thanks for all the updates BOH. I’m feeling positive about our January visit.

  2. And Please, avoid climbing over and through fences marked no trespassing to a=.void emergency help in case of an accident,

  3. While staying in Kona we found a Cane Spider in our room. The spider was over 5 inches across. Called housekeeping and when they tried to catch it ran away lightning fast.
    We saw it run out the door or we wouldn’t have slept at all.
    They are supposedly harmless but who likes giant freaky fast spiders in their bedroom?

  4. As someone who has experienced motion sickness all my life, I’ve found the wristbands to be a godsend. You do have to wear them properly. After being on a ship or boat I often have the rocking sensation at night in bed on land afterwards. I have learned to wear my motion wristbands to bed that first night after a boat trip and it really helps.

  5. Yes, saw a very live and active scorpion in the backyard of a beachside B&B in Kailua (Oahu), since gone, thankfully, the operators were awful. . While showing us the rear gate and path to the Kailua Beach, I was surprised to see a scorpion scurrying along. (I know what they look like, seen them many times in the Southwest deserts) and when I exclaimed about it, the owner ground it under her foot and muttered “I don’t see anything….” Glad they’re no longer in business. Thanks for this helpful newsletter.

    1. So… you were OUTSIDE… and you saw a scorpion… and… what? You wanted the operator of your BnB to… kill it for you??? Outside? Why?

  6. Yes, I have encountered Centipedes. While sleeping one night a Centipede crawled from underneath my pillow and stung me on the back. Felt like a bee sting. At 2am it is quite a suprise and knowing what to do. An ice pac kept the swelling down. It got away. One rule we have always done is keep luggage zipped up tight, even when not being used to prevent critters from crawling in. As they do move around at night, especially cockroaches.

  7. Great issue Jeff/Rob! I am coming for a visit Sept 8-Oct 6. Hopefully I will see you! Keep up the good work-especially the Covid restrictions info.
    Kathy S

  8. I went to book a cottage with Hawaii Life Vacation, affiliated with Red Awning Inc. this month (June 20221), and at the last phase online where you enter payment information for the booking, there is a clause that one is required to check in order to activate the reservation. To my surprise it includes a sentence that obliges the renter to agree to waive one’s right to use the visa bank card’s dispute resolution mechanism in the event that becomes necessary. This seems contrary to fair business practices and I wonder if such a requirement to give up one’s right to a protective feature standard with visa credit cards is even legal under Hawaiian consumer protection laws. I have written to the broker about this and am waiting for their reply. Needless to add, I would never agree to such a demand and booked the cottage through another broker.

  9. For mosquito bites, a little thing called “Bug Bite Thing” works great! I ordered one online. It also works on bee stings, splinters

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