More Cuts Needed As Southwest Culls Another Hawaii Route

When we wrote last week about what Southwest would be doing, we said to expect inevitable additional changes and flight reductions in Hawaii. That has already occurred, although more may be coming.

Southwest Los Angeles to Maui flights are no longer viable.

Recently, we reported that the once popular daily flights between Los Angeles International Airport and Kahului Maui would go part-time. But since March 17, the airline decided to take literally a different route. As a result, those flights are being terminated entirely starting April 21. After that, Southwest passengers going to Maui from Los Angeles will connect through Honolulu.

The route will still be served by many other airlines, which is part of why Southwest no longer felt compelled to be part of that melee.

After the Los Angeles flight stops on April 21, Southwest will still fly to Maui from Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, Sacramento, and San Jose.

Despite this reduction, Southwest Airlines will maintain a strong Hawaii flight presence. However, in Los Angeles, Southwest will mostly rely on flights from there to Honolulu, except during certain peak seasons.

This is a strategic shift for Southwest as it scales back Hawaii flights. It was just 2021 when Southwest came on strong with Hawaii service from Los Angeles to all islands. Since then, the reality that severe competition would remain from Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, and United helped urge Southwest to reconsider. The competitive nature of flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii made it difficult for Southwest to sustain sufficient demand and fares.

Route cull comes three weeks after the latest Southwest Hawaii news.

On March 6, we reported, “Southwest Airlines Trims Hawaii Routes By Over 50%.” That is as the airline continues to seek success in Hawaii flights across a still large range of mainland and interisland routes. To date, Southwest has cut or reduced service on sixteen routes, keeping fifteen full-time routes.

Like other airlines, Southwest has begun operating more seasonal or part-time flights instead of daily. The issue is that lower-demand routes aren’t profitable on a daily flight basis.

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1 thought on “More Cuts Needed As Southwest Culls Another Hawaii Route”

  1. We just got back from Kauai for two weeks. We used SW out of Oakland. Both flights were packed. I think SW is trying to figure the best routing especially with the inter island flights.

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