More Haiku Stairs Emergency Air Rescues Follows Criminal Trespassing

New Haiku Stairs Emergency Air Rescues Followed Criminal Trespassing

It took 20+ rescuers to provide emergency help and air evacuation for three hikers on Haiku Stairs on Oahu.

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23 thoughts on “New Haiku Stairs Emergency Air Rescues Followed Criminal Trespassing”

  1. We need to fire the Mayor who want’s the stairs torn down! We need to fire all those behind the useless rail program; that money should have been used for a super ferry which would unite all the Islands. The Stairway to heaven is a treasure and a valuable tourist attraction. Visitors to Hawaii could be taken there by tour bus on a guided climb of the stairs and parking would be at the Old Omega station. No one should be parking in the residential neighborhood for the purpose of climbing the stairs. I don’t know about every Hawaii resident but I never voted for the rail nor for the destruction of the Stairway. We need to vote these out of touch politicians out of Government if We the People of Hawaii actually want things done our way!

  2. Ate these violators being held accountable for the cost of rescue??
    Are they serving any criminal penalties? If not, Why?????
    Need to enforce laws that are in place or this will continue…….

  3. As an avid hiker and frequent visitor to Hawaii, I am saddened by the removal of the stairs. I have not done this hike, but this is obviously a very popular trail with spectacular views. Just look at all the thousands of postings and videos on social media. Removing the stairs will not stop those adventurous thrill-seekers from going. It’s just too popular. With all the money($1M) that it’s going to cost to remove the stairs surely, some type of compromise like what the “Friends of Haiku Stairs” is proposing is a much better solution. Offer the locals impacted a cut of fees collected. Embrace the fact this is a tourist attraction that’s not going away. So monetize and regulate it, like all the other attractions in Hawaii. Win-Win!

    1. It’s pretty clear that you haven’t done the hike. Removing the stairs will leave only a thin edge of steep crumbly rock impossible to climb without technical wall climbing experience and equipment. Even the craziest tourist won’t dare try it.

  4. I’m assuming this rescue operation was for a non-resident since they would Never go up there right?
    And how was it that you were able to manage that great view from there? 😉

  5. Just as our beaches are open to the public, our mountains should be too. I fully support the Friends of Haiku Stairs whose aim is to manage and maintain the site.

  6. This article is a sad testament to the typical bureaucratic search for the easiest solution for the bureaucracy – which is to ban anything inconvenient. It appears that the Friends of the Haiku stairs had a viable option, with the exception of not having the loudest shouters. A loss for all – again.


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