Hawaiian Airlines Premium Economy

More Legroom, Hawaii Flights and Hawaii Vacation Packages Coming

News this morning that Hawaiian Airlines will be adding their version of premium economy to its fleet of Airbus planes starting next summer. The carrier also revealed its plans for new Hawaii air service in 2014, and what else it plans to sell going forward. Read on for the news and our take.

“Extra Comfort” – New at Hawaiian Airlines

New premium economy seating called “Extra Comfort” will debut on all Hawaiian Airlines A330 aircraft on June 1, 2014, with 5″ additional leg room, or 36 inches total pitch.  Seat width is unchanged. Extra Comfort travelers will receive priority boarding, free on-demand entertainment, and 110 vac power (to be rolled out more slowly) in addition to the existing USB power. On international routes, souvenir pillows/blankets and premium meals will also be included. Look for these seats to appear in rows 11-14 and 33-34. Booking for Extra Comfort will begin in January, and when available can be purchased during the check-in process.

Beat of Hawaii says, no costs have yet been indicated, but we’ll keep and eye out and let you know how this gets priced. Costs may or may not be mileage dependent. How much would you be willing to pay for a 5 to 10 hour flight?

Bejing, Kauai and Big Island Service in 2014

The carrier announced that growth of new flights will slow in 2014. As previously noted, new nonstop service to Kauai and the Big Island will commence next June. That in addition to much anticipated service starting between Honolulu and Beijing.

Beat of Hawaii says, with other west coast markets saturated and facing intense competition, and east coast markets still illusive for a variety of reasons, Hawaiian Airlines seems set to improve what’s already working more than looking for new markets at this time.

More Hawaii Vacation Packages Ahead

Hawaii vacations are perfect for packaging. Or at least so thinks Hawaiian Airlines. They plan to expand their offering of hotels, car rentals and perhaps other things (activities?) on their website. Hawaiian Airlines is looking to double their package sales over the next 3 to 4 years.

Beat of Hawaii says: These are likely to appeal to first time Hawaii visitors. And others too if pricing is advantageous. For return visitors, however, we see an overall declining interest in Hawaii packages as vacation rentals and roll your own travel plans continue to be more popular.



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